Thursday, May 24, 2018

Enter to Win $100 Expedia Gift Card to get away from your everyday!

Now through May 28th you can enter to win $100 Gift Card from Expedia!

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What do you have to lose. I know I would love a $100 Gift Card right now to get away and enjoy some time on a well needed vacation! 

It's simple to enter. All you have to do is head to the Giveaway page HERE and enter your email address at the top of the page. 

5 winners will win $100 Gift Cards from Expedia.

Winners will be chosen by a lottery drawing and notified on 5/29/18 via the email address entered. So clear your Spam folder now, just in case it goes into your spam folder. 

For Complete Rules - Check out the Details HERE

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Save on Yankee Candle products now with the Summer Countdown Sale!

The Countdown to Summer Sale has begun at Yankee Candle! 

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This is one of my favorite times to stock up on candles for home and for gifts. You can get Small Classic Jar Candles for just $5 right now.  Seriously, one of the best prices to buy a few and keep on hand for a last minute gift basket. 

Classic Small Jar Candles are $5 right now and there are quite a few scents to choose from, so you could find a few that you love at a great price now. 

Don't worry, if you don't need candles, they got you covered. 

Room Sprays are just $4 right now on the Summer Sale.  Save $3.99 while the price is low. 

Fragrance Spheres are now $3.  Save $2.99 with the Summer Sale. 

Car Jar Air Fresheners are now $2.  Save $.99 on the Summer Sale 

Votive Candles and Tart Wax Melts are now $1.  Save $.99 on the Summer Sale

*Sale Items do not Qualify for other promotions or discounts.

Shipping is $5.99 on orders of less than $100.  Spend $100 or more and get Free Shipping. 

Check out the complete sale HERE 

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Save up to 40% at Vera Bradley now!

If you have a Vera Bradley fan in your life or are one, then you want to head over and check out the Vera Bradley sale! 

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The Falling Flowers On the Go CrossBody Bag is now $42!  (org priced $70)

You will find most of the retired patterns on sale now and up to 40% off. Definitely a great time to buy. Once these are gone, they are gone! 

Check out the Falling Flowers Tote Bag now $29.40  (org $49) 

The Santiago Little Crossbody Bag now $23.80 (org. $34) 

Save on accessories, bags, totes, blankets and more! Check out all of the sale items HERE

But don't wait!  This sale ends 5/17! 

Shipping is free on your order and we do love Free Shipping! 

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Monday, May 7, 2018

Our Review of Dr. Jacobs products!

As some of you know, I have taken a huge turn in my life this past few months. I know I have not been very active on here. But I am still working on things for myself and trying to get as healthy as possible.  After being diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis on top on my Lupus, I made some major changes in my life this past January.  

I had to make those changes in my life. Iwanted to watch my kid graduate, go to college, get married and I wasn't going to have that happen living as I had been. I started with my diet changing completely to a Plant Based, Sugar/Grain/Dairy and meat free diet. I know you are probably asking yourself right now. "What is Tara eating?"  Well, I eat a lot of produce, beans, brown rice and nuts. But I honestly am the healthiest I have been in 42 years. 

I also changed the soaps, deodorants, body washes and detergents I use.  I had this scaly rash for 2 years on my face and arms and everything aggravated it. After finally getting the correct diagnosis, I knew I had to make changes to what I was using on my skin as well.

I looked all over the web and did some research to see what was best for my skin. I needed a natural and organic product that was not going to irritate the sensitive parts that were healing. That's where I found Dr. Jacob's products. Every review for their products was great. Even a friend of mine suggested the Castile Liquid Soap to use when making products at home, like hand soaps. 

I knew this was the product for me. So you know when I had the opportunity to review the products for myself, I jumped on it. I was sent the Dr. Jacobs Peppermint Castile Liquid Soap Face & Body Wash, the Almond Honey Castile Liquid Soap Face & Body Wash and a bar of the Coco Loco Limeade Loofah Exfoliating Castile Bar Soap to try. Let me just say they all smell amazing!  I was excited to give them a go. 

After using the bar soap, my skin felt soft and I did not need lotions to get through the day as I had before. It honestly cleaned and conditioned my skin naturally. Exactly what I was looking for in a product. The healing areas of my face that had been destroyed by the Psoriatic Arthritis rash needed something that would not irritate it, and this was the first soap I have used that actually helped my skin. 
Plus, the smell reminds me of the Coco Butter I used to use on the boys when they were little and I love that. The Shea Butter and Essentials that make the product leave your skin soft and conditioned, which is what I needed. I will definitely be buying the Castile Bar Soap again. 

I did love the Peppermint Castile Soap, I use a lot of Peppermint essential oils in the house and when I am having headaches. Peppermint Oil is great to relieve stress and reduce anxiety also. A perfect way to start the day if you ask me is to have it in your face and body wash. The convenient bottle has a pump to help disperse the product and could even be a refillable bottle if you wanted to reuse it.

Honestly though, the Almond Honey Castile Soap is my favorite. The scent is so relaxing and natural. It's not overbearing by any means and my skin feels so smooth after using it. Here I had just had this scaly rash a few months ago and now my elbows are soft as can be.  

You could even dilute the Castile soaps down if you wanted to for homemade products, like hand soaps. This is one thing my friend suggested to me, since my hands dry out easily from continuous washing and typically harsh chemicals in hand soaps, Castile Soap would benefit the dried out skin. So that is the next step to try with the Dr. Jacobs Castile Soaps, which means I need to finally figure out how Pinterest works. 

So in final perspective, I will say that changing my lifestyle and the products I use honestly has been the best thing I have ever done for me. I highly recommend if you are looking for a change and a more natural product, check out Dr. Jacobs products. You have nothing to lose as it's all natural! 

You can find their Facebook page, Twitter or Website for more information.  

Dr. Jacobs products are a NON-GMO product that is Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Gluten Free and free all of the nasty chemicals like artificial dyes and coloring. 

If you are interested to know, Dr. Jacobs products are also PETA Cruelty Free & Vegan products. 

You can save now and get free shipping on orders if you want to give the products a try.  Use code - FREESHIP20 and get free shipping on orders of $20 or more. Check it out below. 

Dr Jacobs Naturals Castile Soap line is 100% Made in the USA!
Free Shipping Now! - Free Shipping on all Dr. Jacobs Naturals products totaling over $20! Use code freeship20

Free Shipping on all Dr. Jacobs Naturals products totaling over $20 with code - FREESHIP20 

Thank you Dr. Jacobs for the opportunity to review the products. These are my sole opinions on the products. I was not paid to participate in this review. 

Friday, May 4, 2018

Free Comic Book Day - May 5th!

May 5th is Free Comic Book Day! 

Find your local participating comic book store listed on the website and head there with the kids to get their yearly Free Comic Book! 

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Not only is this a great activity to take the kids to, its Free! 

Every year on the first Saturday in May, Comic Book Retailers come together to offer Free Comic Book Day. Over 5 Million Comics nationwide will be given away for this annual event. Whether you like heroes in capes or anime characters, there is a huge variety of comic books that you may have never known existed. So take a look around while you are there. You may find a whole new love of reading. 

At some locations you may even find the Comic Book Creators there or some of the heroes dressed up to make this activity great for kids. Then get your free comic book to celebrate the hobby of Comic Book reading. This could open up a whole new love for your children. So what do you have to lose? Nothing! 

Honestly this is one of my families favorite activities to participate in. I know there are around 6 participating stores listed in the Indianapolis Area near me and we take the boys and get a comic book and go to dinner to celebrate Big Boys birthday.  With comic books there is no age limit, so this is a great event for my boys! 

Win Free Cat Food for a Year!

Sign up now for the Friskies Mailing List and get great offers to your inbox from Purina. 

You will instantly be entered for 1 of 2 chances to win free Friskies cat food for a year!  

Whether you choose to keep it for yourself or donate it to a local shelter, this is a great opportunity to win Free Cat Food for a year. Plus get other great offers being part of the Friskies Mailing List. 

Subscribe now to the Friskies Mailing List. 

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Friday, April 20, 2018

Rare Taylor Farms coupons!

New Taylor Farms product printable coupons!

I love the Taylor Farms Stir Fry Kits!  Plus I typically find them on markdown at my local Kroger store, so this makes me very happy to see coupons for them.

Save $1.00 on any ONE (1) Taylor Farms Grab and Go Salad Product

Save $1.00 on any ONE (1) Taylor Farms Stir Fry Kits

Save $1.00 on any ONE (1) Taylor Farms Organic Salad Product

Save $1.00 on any ONE (1) Taylor Farms Chopped Salad Kits

Save $1.50 on any ONE (1) Taylor Farms Chopped Salad Kits. Unlock when you complete 1 Taylor Farms activity.

Save $1.00 on any ONE (1) Taylor Farms Chef Crafted Salad Kits

It can be hard to save on produce sometimes.  So don't miss out on these amazing and rare savings to create healthy dishes for your family! 

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Friday, April 13, 2018

Double Savings on Adidas apparel and shoes now!

Big Savings now on the Adidas Official Store at Ebay! 

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Items are currently marked at low prices and now the Adidas Official Store is offering a Buy One & Get One Half Off Sale to pair with it! 

Unbelievable prices on Adidas apparel and shoes that you may not want to miss!

Like this Adidas Ultimate 2.0 Women's Tee now on sale for $12.99 (org $25)

Available in 3 color choices and sizes XS-XL 

Save more when you buy 2 with the Buy one & Get one half off sale.  

Price will adjust automatically at checkout for the Buy one & Get one Half off sale offer. 

Plus get free shipping on your order!

The Adidas Womens Tubular Shadow Shoe is now $39.99 (org $100) 
and part of the Buy One & Get One Half Off Sale + get free shipping on all orders! 

Men's apparel and Shoes, Kids apparel and Shoes and Women's apparel and Shoes all part of this great sale. 

Remember the price will adjust at Checkout. 



Thursday, April 12, 2018

Kroger Buy 5 & Save $5 Matchups Central Indiana 4/12-4/25

Kroger Buy 5 & Save $5 Mega Sale  4/12-4/25  Central Indiana

*Mix & Match participating items to save at checkout!  Make sure to purchase in multiples of 5 to receive the discount at checkout on each group of 5 in your basket. 

Prices shown reflect savings when you buy 5 participating items. 

Prices may vary per store. 

Check your rebate offers from programs that you use. We do not list them as they can vary per account. 

Produce -

Calbee Harvest Snaps 3.3oz - $.99

Odwalla Juice - $1.99
-$.75 off one Odwalla Juice - Kroger Digital Coupon

Suja Juice - $1.99 

Meat/Deli -

Butterball Turkey Bacon 12oz - $1.99
-$.55 off one Butterball Turkey Bacon product - Printable Coupon

Hillshire Farm Lunchmeat 16oz - $4.99

Hormel Black Label or Natural Choice Bacon 12-16oz - $3.99 
-$.55 off one Hormel Natural Choice Bacon  SS 3/11 (Exp 5/7)

Hormel Natural Choice Deli Meat 6-8oz - $2.99
-$.50 off one Hormel Natural Choice Lunchmeat SS 3/11 (Exp 5/7)
-$.50 off one Hormel Natural Choice Lunchmeat - Kroger Digital coupon

Johnsonville Flame Grilled Chicken - $3.99

Land O' Frost Lunchmeat 16oz - $2.99 

Lloyd's BBQ tub 16oz - $2.99

Market Roasted Chicken 2lb (in the Deli) - $4.99 

Nathan's Franks 12-14oz - $3.99 

O That's Good Soup - $2.99 

Pantry -

Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix - $1.99

Aunt Jemima Syrup - $2.49

Belvita Breakfast Biscuits 8.8oz - $1.99

Bertolli pasta sauce 15-24oz - $1.99
-$1.50 off two Bertolli pasta sauce products  SS 3/25 (exp 4/21)

Brownberry Bread - $2.49

Cheez-It Crackers  9-12.4oz - $1.99 
-$.70 off two Cheez-It Crackers  RP 3/11 (Exp 4/22)
-$1.00 off one Cheez-It product - Printable Coupon (redeem 850 KFR points)

Cracker Barrel Mac & Cheese 14oz  - $2.49

Doritos 9.25-11.25oz - $1.77

Frito-Lay's party size chips - $2.99

Hormel Chili No Bean - $1.29
-$.75 off two Hormel Chili products  SS 3/4 (exp 4/30)

Keebler Cookies 6-15oz - $1.49
-$1.00 off one Keebler Cookies - Printable Coupon (redeem 850 KFR points)

Kellogg's Special K Bars - $1.49
-$1.00 off one Kellogg's Special K Bar, Nutri-Grain Bar or Rice Krispies Treat - Printable Coupon (redeem 850 KFR points)

Ken's Salad Dressing 16oz - $1.99
-$1.00 off two Ken's Salad Dressing  SS 3/8 (exp 4/15)
-$1.00 off one Ken's Simply Vinaigrette   SS 3/8 (exp 4/15)
-$.75 off one Ken's Simply Vinaigrette 16oz - Printable Coupon

Kraft Deluxe Mac & Cheese - $2.99

Malt-O-Meal Cereals 17-23.5oz - $1.79

Morton Sea Salts 17.6oz - $1.79

Nabisco Chips Ahoy Cookies 6.98-13oz - $1.49

Nabisco Crackers 3.5-9.1oz - $1.49
-$1.00 off one Good Thins Snacks  SS 3/25 (exp 5/5)

Nature's Own Bread 20oz - $1.49

Orville Redenbacher Popcorn 6ct - $1.99

Pepperidge Farm Cookies 5-7.5oz - $1.99

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish 6-8oz - $.99 

Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse Bread - $2.49 

Pompeian Olive Oil 16oz - $3.99
-$.55 off one Pompeian Olive Oil - Printable Coupon

Post Cereals 11-14.75oz - $1.79
-$1.00 off two Post Pebbles Cereals - Printable Coupon 
-$1.00 off two Post Honey Bunches of Oats cereals - Printable Coupon 
-$.50 off one Post Oreo O's or Honey Maid S'Mores cereals - Printable Coupon 
-$.50 off one Post Oreo O's or Honey Maid S'Mores Cereals - Kroger Digital Coupon

Ruffles Potato Chips 8.5-9oz - $1.77

Skippy Peanut Butter 15-16.3oz - $1.99
-$.55 off two Skippy Peanut Butter products - Printable Coupon 

Snyder's of Hanover Pretzels - $1.99 

Spice Island Spices - prices vary
-$1.25 off one Spice Island product  SS 3/18 (Exp 6/30)

Thomas English Muffins 6ct - $1.99

Tostitos party size chips - $2.99

Voortman Cookies 14.1oz - $1.99

Wish-Bone Salad Dressing - $1.49

Organic/Natural - 

Bear Naked Granola - $2.79

Dave's Killer Organic Bread - $3.99 

Zone Perfect Bar 5ct - $3.79

Beverages -

Coca-Cola or 7UP product  6pk/16.9oz products - $1.99

Dasani pure water 24pk/16.9oz  - $3.99

Dunkin' Donuts Coffee kcups 10ct - $6.99

Gevalia Coffee 10-12oz or Kcups 6-12ct - $4.99

Green Mountain Coffee 10-12oz or Kcups 10-12ct - $4.99 
-$1.50 off one Gevalia 10oz or 12oz or Kcup 10ct coffee product   SS 3.25 Exp 5/31)

Kauai Coffee kcup 10ct - $5.99 
-$1.00 off one Kauai Coffee product  SS 3/4 (Exp 4/30)

Kool-Aid, Country Time or Tang drink mix 6-10qt - $.99

Kroger Orange Juice, gallon - $2.69 

McCafe Coffee Kcup - $4.99 
-$1 Rebate when you buy one McCafe Coffee product - SavingStar Rebate

Minute Maid Fruit Drinks 59oz  - $.99

Ocean Spray Cocktail 64oz - $1.99 

Perrier 6pk/16.9oz - $3.99

Powerade 8pk/20oz - $2.99
-$1.00 off one Powerade 8pk/20oz - Kroger Digital Coupon

Silk plant based milk half gallon - $1.99 

Snapple Tea 6pk/16-18.5oz - $3.99

Spindrift 8pk/12oz- $3.79

Stok Iced Coffee - $3.99 

Turkey Hill Tea gallon - $.99 

VitaminWater 6pk/16.9oz - $3.79

Freezer - 

Bertolli Meals  - $5.49

Bird's Eye Vegetables - $1.79

Cooked Perfect Meatballs - $1.99 
-$1.00 off one Cooked Perfect Meatballs  SS 1/28 (Exp 4/23)
-$1.50 off two Cooked Perfect Meatballs  SS 1/28 (exp 4/23)

Edy's Ice Cream 48oz - $2.49

Eggo Waffles 20-24ct - $3.99

Freschetta Pizza - $3.99

Gortons Seafood - $3.99

Haagen-Dazs ice cream 14oz or novelties - $2.99

Innovasian Entrees - $4.99
-$1.50 off one Innovasian Entree SS 3/18 (Exp 4/30)
-$2.50 off two Innovasian Entrees SS 3/18 (Exp 4/30)

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwiches - $3.99
-$.55 off one Jimmy Dean Breakfast Product  RP 3/18 (Exp 4/15)

Jose Ole Taquitos -- $3.99

Luvo entree - $2.49

Magnum Ice Cream novelties - $2.99

Newman's Own Pizza - $3.99

Outshine Bars 4-12ct  - $2.49

P.F. Chang's Meals - $5.49

Pictsweet Vegetables 20oz - $1.99

Quorn meatless products - $2.49 

Screamin' Sicilian Pizza - $4.99
-$1.00 off one Screamin' Sicilian Pizza - Printable Coupon (sign up)

Stouffer's Family Size Entrees - $5.99 

Sweet Earth Burrito - $1.79

Talenti Gelato 16oz - $2.99

Tennessee Pride Breakfast Sandwiches 20ct - $5.99

Weight Watchers Ice Cream Novelties - $2.99 

Fridge/Dairy -

Buitoni Pasta or Sauce - $2.49 

Chobani Yogurt 32oz - $3.99

Daisy Cottage Cheese  24oz - $2.29

Daisy Sour Cream 24oz - $2.27

Dannon Greek Yogurt 4pk - $2.99

Frigo Cheese Heads String Cheese - $2.99
-$.55 off one Frigo Cheese Heads String Cheese  SS 4/8 (exp 5/15)
-$1.00 off one Frigo Cheese Heads Meat & Cheese Combo Pack  SS 4/8 (exp 5/15)
-$1.00 off one Frigo Cheese product - Kroger Digital Coupon

Go Veggie Cheese Singles 12ct - $1.99

Kraft Cheese 6.6-8oz - $1.99

Kroger Cheese 32oz bar or shredded - $4.99

Philadelphia Cream Cheese 2pk - $2.99

Sargento Balanced Breaks - $2.99

Simply Potatoes 20oz - $1.99

Smart Balanced Spread - $1.99

The Laughing Cow Cheese 6oz - $1.99

Household -

Bounce dryer sheets - $8.99
-$4.00 off two Downy, Bounce or In-Wash Scent Boosters  PG 4/1 (Exp 4/28) 

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes 75ct - $3.99 
-$.50 off one Clorox Wipes - Printable coupon (sign up) 
-$1.00 off two Clorox Clean Up products - Kroger Digital Coupon 
-$,75 off one Clorox Scentiva Disinfecting Wipes - Kroger Digital Coupon

Dawn Dish Soap 28oz - $2.99

Downy Fabric Softener 103oz - $8.49
-$4.00 off two Downy, Bounce or In-Wash Scent Boosters  PG 4/1 (Exp 4/28)

Febreze Air Effects or Small Spaces - $1.99

Febreze Car Vent Clips - $2.49

Finish Powerball, Quantum or Gelpacs - $3.79

Gain Flings 32-42ct - $10.99
-$3.00 off one Tide Pod or Gain Flings products  PG 4/1 (Exp 4/28)

Hefty Trash Bags - $5.99 
-$1.00 off one Hefty Tall Kitchen Trash Bags  RP 3/18 (exp 4/30)
-$1.00 off one Hefty Black Trash Bags  RP 3/18 (Exp 4/30)

Lysol Disinfectant Spray - $5.99

Lysol disinfecting wipes  75ct - $2.99
-$.50 off one Lysol Disinfecting Wipes - Kroger Digital Coupon 
-$3.00 off three Lysol Cleaning products - Kroger Digital Coupon

Lysol multi-surface cleaner - $2.49
-$3.00 off three Lysol Cleaning products - Kroger Digital Coupon

Palmolive dish soap 20oz - $.99

Rubbermaid disposable food storage 1-4ct - $1.79 

Spray 'N Wash stain remover - $1.99 

Tide Pods 32-40ct - $10.99
-$3.00 off one Tide Pod or Gain Flings product  PG 4/1 (Exp 4/28)

Health & Beauty -

Always Pads - $5.99
-$3.00 off two Always Radiant or Infinity pads  PG 4/1 (Exp 4/14)

Aussie shampoo, conditioner pr styler  - $1.99 
-$2.00 off two Aussie hair care products  RP 4/8 (Exp 4/21)
-$3.00 off three Aussie hair care products  RP 4/8 (exp 4/21)
-$3.00 off three Aussie Hair Care Products - Kroger Digital Coupon

Aveeno body wash or shower gel - $5.99
-$2.00 off one Aveeno body lotion or body wash SS 4/8 (exp 4/28)

Aveeno shave gel - $2.99

Band-Aid Bandages - $1.99 and up

Bic Razors - $3.49 and up 

Carefree Liners - $1.99

Crest Mouthwash 500ml - $1.99
-$1.00 off one Crest Mouthwash 473ml+  PG 4/1 (Exp 4/14)

Crest Toothpaste - $1.99
-$1.00 off one Crest Toothpaste  PG 4/1 (Exp 4/14)
-$2.00 off one Crest Toothpaste - Kroger Digital Coupon

Dial Body Wash - $2.99 
-$1.00 off one Dial or Tone Body Wash R 4/8 (exp 4/29)

Gillette Shave Gel - $1.19 and up
-$1.00 off one Gillette, Venus or Satin Care shave gel  PG 4/1 (Exp 4/28)

Gillette Razors - prices vary
-$3.00 off one Venus Razor  PG 4/1 (exp 4/28)
-$3.00 off one Gillette or Venus Daisy Disposable Razor  PG 4/1 (Exp 4/28)
-$2.00 off one Gillette Razor  PG 4/1 (Exp 4/28)

Got2B Hair Styling products - $3.99
-$2.00 off one Got2B Hair Styler  RP  4/8 (Exp 4/29)

Head & Shoulders shampoo/conditioner - $4.79
-$4.00 off two Head & Shoulders products  PG 4/1 (Exp 4/14)

Herbal Essences shampoo,conditioner or styler - $1.99
-$2.00 off two Herbal Essences hair care products  RP 4/8 (exp 4/21)
-$3.00 off three Herbal Essences hair care products  RP 4/8 (exp 4/21)

Irish Spring Bar Soap or Body Wash -$2.99
-$1.00 off one Irish Spring Body Wash  SS 4/8 (exp 4/21)
-$.50 off one Irish Spring Bar Soap  SS 4/8 (Exp 4/21) 
-$1.00 off one Irish Spring Body Wash - Kroger Digital Coupon

L'Oreal Elvive Shampoo or Conditioner - $2.99
-$4.00 off two L'Oreal Elvive or Hair Expert product  R 4/8 (Exp 5/5)
-$2.00 off one L'Oreal Elvive or Hair Expert product  R 4/8 (Exp 5/5)
-$1.00 off one L'Oreal Paris Elvive or Hair Expert product - Printable Coupon 
-$2.00 off one L'Oreal Paris Elvive shampoo, conditioner - Kroger Digital Coupon

Neosporin ointment - $2.99

Nivea Body Wash - $2.99

Old Spice deodorant - $1.49 and up
-$1.00 off one Old Spice, Gillette or Secret Deodorant  PG 4/1 (Exp 4/14)
-$1.00 off one Old Spice product - Kroger Digital coupon

Oral B Toothbrush select - $1.99
-$1.00 off one Oral-B Toothbrush  PG 4/1 (Exp 4/14)

Pantene hair care - $2.99
-$5.00 off three Pantene hair care products  PG 4/1 (Exp 4/14)
-$1.50 off one Pantene 3minute miracle styler or treatment PG 4/1 (Exp 4/14)

Schick razors and cartridges - $8.99 and up
-$4.00 off one Schick disposable razor SS 4/8 (exp 4/28)

Secret deodorant - $1.49 and up 
-$1.00 off one Old Spice, Gillette or Secret Deodorant  PG 4/1 (Exp 4/14)
-$1.00 off one Secret Deodorant - Kroger Digital Coupon

Softsoap body wash - $2.99

Speedstick or Lady Speedstick deodorant - $.99 
-$.50 off one Speed Stick deodorant  SS 4/8 (Exp 4/28)
-$.50 off one Lady Speed Stick deodorant  SS 4/8 (Exp 4/28)

Stayfree Pads - $1.99 and up

Tampax Tampons - $5.99 
-$3.00 off two Tampax Pearl or Radiant Tampons  PG 4/1 (Exp 4/14)

U by Kotex tampons, liners or pads - $1.99 and up
-$1.00 off one U by Kotex Tampons  SS 3/18 (Exp 4/21)
-$1.00 off one U by Kotex Pads or Liners  SS 3/18 (Exp 4/21)
-$1.00 off one U by Kotex Fitness products  SS 3/18 (Exp 4/21)

Baby - 

Comfort for Baby Diapers, Training Pants - $3.99 and up

Comfort for Baby Wipes 216ct - $3.49 

Huggies Jumbo Diapers - $7.99
-$2.00 off one Huggies Diapers  SS 3/25 (Exp 4/21)
-$2.00 off one Huggies Diapers - Printable coupon 
-$2.00 off one Huggies Diapers - Kroger Digital Coupon

Huggies Wipes 184-216ct - $4.99
-$.55 off one Huggies Wipes  SS 3/25 (Exp 4/21)
-$.50 off one Huggies Wipes - Printable Coupon 
-$.50 off one Huggies Wipes - Kroger Digital Coupon

Luvs diapers - $5.49
-$1.50 off one Luvs diapers  PG 4/1 (Exp 4/14)

Pampers Diapers - $7.99
-$3.00 off two Pampers diapers  PG 4/1 (Exp 4/14) 
-$4.00 off one Pampers Cruisers, Swaddlers or Baby Dry Diapers - Kroger Digital Coupon

Pull-Ups training pants - $7.99 
-$2.00 off one Pull-Ups training pants  SS 3/25 (Exp 4/21)
-$2.00 off one Pull-Ups training pants -Printable Coupon 
-$2.00 off one Pull-Ups training pants - Kroger Digital Coupon

***PLEASE REMEMBER THAT MOST KROGER DIGITAL COUPONS ARE MANUFACTURER COUPONS!  The coupons state to not combine them with paper coupons. It is our duty to be a responsible couponer and follow these rules!




*Please Remember that Prices may Vary per Store. 

*Remember that Kroger Fuel Points count before coupons!  (ex: If your total is $100 before coupons, you will receive fuel points towards $100. Even if your coupons bring your total down to $50)

Kroger ecoupon - is an internet coupon from the Kroger website that can be loaded to your Kroger Plus Card. The coupon will be deducted at checkout. 
Ecoupons cannot be stacked with a manufacturer coupon

Kroger coupon policy -GO HERE

**I suggest printing a copy and keeping it with you. I always recommend keeping store coupon policies in your binder or with your coupons, just in case!


FB = Facebook printable

RP = Red Plum insert 

PG = Proctor & Gamble Insert

SS = Smartsource Insert

WYB = When You Buy 


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