Coupon Policies

Each store has it's own Coupon Policy. I try to make sure I have a copy of the current coupon policy with me. If one is not available online, then I simply ask the stores Customer Service Manager for a copy.

These policies can change. With coupon fraud rising, it seems even in the last year I have watched numerous stores change their policies. Some stores allow each individual manager to customize their store policy. This is why it is important to ask nicely!

My policy if a coupon does not scan is to simply smile! Ask nicely to scan it again or to remove the item from my cart if I cannot get the deal I hoped for. When we act ignorant and rude, this only brings a bad name onto Couponers!

CVS - Updated Coupon Policy

Dollar General - Coupon Policy

Dollar Tree - Coupon Policy

Family Dollar - Coupon Policy

Kroger - Coupon Policy

 Internet Print Coupon Policy

Meijer- Coupon Policy

Menards -  Coupon Policy

Save-A-Lot  - Policy ** does not accept IP

Strack & Van Til - Coupon Policy

Target - Coupon Policy

Walgreens - Coupon Policy

Walmart - Coupon Policy

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