Catalina Offers

Catalina Offers  -

A Catalina is a "Coupon" that prints from a Catalina Machine at the registers when you purchase select participating items.

Catalina Coupons are typically Manufacturer Coupons. You may receive one at Checkout for certain amount off one product. Or for a certain amount off your next shopping trip. They do have an expiration, like a regular coupon. Most often you can only redeem them at the store you received them. However, some stores do accept Competitor Coupons (such as Meijer) and will let you use them there.

My best tip is to make sure when you are in a checkout line, make sure the small Catalina Machine located next to the cash register is lit with a Green Light. I cant tell you how many times I missed out on a Catalina printing because the Machines were not ready or turned off.

There will be times that a Catalina may not print, this does not mean that the Catalina doesn't work. Please do not message me that I am wrong. It may be that the system is not working.

*If you have problems with a Catalina Offer printing, you can contact the Catalina Marketing Coupon at 1-888-826-8766 or through email at

OYNO = Off your Next Order (shopping trip)

Current List known  - 

Almay cosmetics 8/7-9/3  Meijer
Buy 2 & Get $3 OYNO
Buy 3 or more & Get $5 OYNO

Axe, Dove & Degree deodorant  2.6-3.8oz  7/16-9/16   Meijer
Buy 3 & Get $3 OYNO

Band-Aid or Neosporin products 8/7-9/3 Kroger
Buy 2 & Get $1 OYNO
Buy 3 & Get $2 OYNO

Cottonelle bath tissue, select  8/-6-9/2 Kroger
Spend $15 & Get $3 OYNO

Cottonelle bath tissue 12pk or larger 8/6-9/2  Meijer
Buy 2 & Get $2 OYNO
Buy 3 & Get $3 OYNO

Dial or Dial for Men body wash 8/6-8/23  Kroger
Buy 2 & Get $2 OYNO

Duracell Batteries - 9/3  Kroger
Spend $15 & Get $5 OYNO

Gerber 1st foods, 2nd foods or 3rd foods tubs or pouches  8/7-9/3  Meijer
Buy 10-11 & Get $1 OYNO
Buy 12-14 & Get $2 OYNO
Buy 15 or more & Get $3 OYNO

Home Sense participating products 7/9-9/26  Kroger
Buy 3 & Get $1 OYNO

Hot Pocket or Lean Pockets brand sandwiches and snack bites 8/7-9/3  Kroger, Meijer
Buy 2 & Get  $.75 OYNO
Buy 3 & Get $1 OYNO
Buy 4 & Get $1.50 OYNO
Buy 5 & Get $2 OYNO

Huggies, Pull-Ups, Goodnites or Wipes 7/9-8/6  Kroger
Spend $30 & Get $7 OYNO

Jimmy Dean Simple Scrambles products 8/6-8/23  Kroger 
Buy 2 & get $1 OYNO

L'Oreal Paris Hair Expert  shampoo, conditioner, Treatment, advanced hairstyle products  7/10-8/6  Kroger, Meijer and Walgreens
Buy 2 & Get $1.25 OYNO
Buy 3 & Get $2.50 OYNO
Buy 4 or more & Get $3.75 OYNO

Lysol  toilet bowl and cleaners  8/6-8/23 Kroger
Buy 2 & Get $1 OYNO

Mio, Crystal Light, Kool-Aid, Country Time or Tang drink mixes  8/7-9/3
Buy 4 & Get $1 OYNO
Buy 5 & Get $2 OYNO
Buy 6 & Get $3 OYNO

TreSemme products 8/9-9/9  Meijer
Spend $10 & Get $2 OYNO

*These are Just A Few that I know of . If you find out new ones, let us know!
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