I love Amazon. Most people know this.

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Living in a major city has its conveniences as well. I am close to an Amazon Warehouse and get my packages delivered in speedy fashion, as well as having the option for some items to be courier delivered same day. So of course, this comes in handy.

I also love Prime Pantry. This has become a staple for me to find a few items we need or items that I can have delivered to my son in college. 

Prime Pantry typically has some great clearance deals and a Buy 5 and save $6 sale that helps keep my son stocked on snacks for studying. Not to mention the free shipping with orders of $10 or more. This is a great option for a person with minimal time to shop in store or just someone who likes the convenience.

I mean, take a look at my last package delivered. I got a few snacks for my son, some juice for the hubby and coffee for me for just $26.64 delivered to my door.

I searched the great clearance deals Prime Pantry is offering and found a few things we needed and was able to use code - PANTRYSAVE at checkout for an additional 30% off clearance items. That saved me $11.70 alone.

Most clearance items are regional, but I was able to grab 36ct McCafe Kcups, 2 of the 12ct Oreo Double Stuff snack packs, Go-Go Squeez Applesauce 12ct, Glade carpet fresh and a 6pk of Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice in my area.

Plus I got free shipping for spending over $10 and that adds up to another $5.99 in savings. I found two items that had coupons attached and saved an additional $1.52 with those.

I can't beat when I find deals like this. So I grab them and get them delivered to my door within a few days.

Prime Pantry costs $4.99 a month for the subscription, but with great deals and convenience of delivery, it is worth it for our family.

So if you want to give it a try. You can get a 30 day free trial to Prime Pantry and see if you like it. After 30 days you will simply  be charged the $4.99 per month to keep it. But if for some reason you don't like the program, you can easily cancel it.

Check out the clearance deals for your area and use code - 
PANTRYSAVE or PANTRY30 to get an additional 30% off items selected from the clearance section. 

Free Shipping on orders of $10 or more for members. 

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