Fresh Thyme savings for Super Bowl Weekend!

Great savings start February 1st at Fresh Thyme on the 3 day sale! 

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, keto or just like guacamole, you will be happy to see that Avocados will be on the Fresh Thyme 3 day sale for 2/$1.00!  

We eat avocado toast frequently in my house so this is a great time to grab some and stock up for the week. Make sure to check the stem area for a bright green color. This is always a good indicator that you have a few days to eat it. 

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Chicken Breasts will be just $1.67lb and these things are huge! 

I love when Fresh Thyme has their Chicken Breasts on sale. I try to make sure to make the 15 minute drive to my nearest store and stock up. I can typically stretch them out for soups or stir frys because they are so large. Plus they freeze nicely. Just make sure to repackage them

Fresh Thyme 24 pack water will be on sale for $1.99.

It is always good to keep water on hand. Just make sure to recycle the bottles.. 

Other great deals starting Thursday - 

Ground Beef will be $2.99lb
Deli Style Thick Cut Bacon $3.99lb

I get messages frequently asking how I save so much eating a Plant Based Diet. Fresh Thyme is one of my go to places to help me save. Honestly their produce prices are amazing. But I can also save on meat for the members of my house that require it. Like the Chicken sale this coming weekend. 

Thursdays are Double Ad Days and you can get deals from last week and the coming week all in one day. So I try to hit up the store on Thursdays for better savings. You will get the lower price of a product if it is in both ads. 

Plan ahead! Look at the ads and determine what is on sale. Then plan your meals around the sales. This coming week Cucumbers are $.50 each, Roma Tomatoes are $.99lb and Organic Leaf Lettuce is $1.49lb from last weeks sale. I know that I can make a few cheap salads for lunches this week and that helps me save more. But honestly there are days I just eat a baked sweet potato and steamed broccoli and both of those will be on sale this week. 

I eat a lot less now that I don't eat a lot of processed foods, sugars, grains or meats. What I found was the most expensive things I was buying was the meat and dairy products and those pesky processed foods. Things like Oats, Rice and Beans are filling and we eat a lot of those. Plus fruit and vegetables fills you with healthy fiber that keeps you full longer. Our grocery bill honestly went down more than half once we changed how we ate. We dont use a lot of things like Almond Flours or such so if I buy a bag, it lasts a long time. Get creative and check websites, pinterest and Instagram for great recipes to try. It really is a big change you can make to help you save on groceries and save your health. 

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