Sunday, July 29, 2018

Well first off, let me apologize for disappearing for awhile. 

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A lot of things were changing for my family this year. I was preparing to watch my Giant graduate high school and leave for college early and lets be real, I got a bit depressed for a few months. My shopping habits were changing, because with no one in the house to shop for, I had no need to stock up anymore.  Empty Nest Syndrome is real and my diet had changed, so a lot of the items I use now aren't coupon items. 

It was hard for me to tell someone to stock up on something that I would no longer put into my own body. I have been blessed to reverse a lot of my Lupus issues by my diet and as much as I wanted to tell everyone to go stock up on Mac & Cheese, I couldn't bring myself to it, because I knew that the Mac & Cheese was what caused my Giants Rheumatoid Arthrits to flair up. Its definitely a mental thing with me now. Again, I apologize. 

Plus, lets be real, the coupon world was changing! We have stores around me that no longer accept printable coupons because of all of the fraud going on in Indianapolis.  I have had multiple conversations with managers, cashiers and couponers that literally depressed me. Knowing what extent of fraud people are committing was just depressing. Sadly, I was trying my best to teach people to do it the right way and the legal way. But then I would see them pop up in Social Media groups asking if said coupons work on products they are not listed for.  That is depressing too. All my efforts just didn't seem to matter. Because people were not about saving for their family if all they wanted to do was get it free no matter if it was legal or not. 

So here is kind of what happened. When stores stopped taking printable coupons, any money to pay for URL fees and web hosting fees went out the door. I was paying out of my pocket for most of my stuff over the last year.  Going an taking 400 pictures of mega sale items to post on the Facebook page to help working moms make their shopping list and then try to spend hours on matchups, for no pay was taking away from my family. I really wanted to spend this last year with my son before he left for college and I really wanted to be happy again. When I posted items for online deals at stores, most would go through Ebates to get it and again, no money was being made. So I had to walk away for awhile. 

Now I admit I took on a personal blog or two for awhile and I still have the Amazon online group on Facebook to share deals daily. But that has been pretty much how I shop now. I use Prime Pantry to have items ordered to the house and now to the Giant at college. I use Prime Now for local grocery delivery and I get regular Amazon Deals when I find them. Heck, I even order the Giants textbooks on Amazon to rent now. But there isn't all of the stress, the fraud and the craziness with my online group and store managers aren't messaging me about issues with local couponers committing fraud. 

I will try to share some deals again, because I know some of you actually were trying to save for your family. But I will not be going and taking 400 pictures of mega sale items or spending hours upon hours on matchups. I cannot give myself up anymore for free. No one should. Especially if they don't feel that it is accomplishing the goals they originally set out to do. 

Thanks for all of the years together and I hope that the coupon world can get back to being a bit like it used to be. It used to be pretty awesome. 


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