Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Get your Pantry filled up on items under $.50 on the Kroger Mega Sale!


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I always love when this deal comes around!  Even though my family does not really eat these items anymore, these are great donation items that we can give. 

This is one of the best stock up prices on Green Giant canned vegetables and a great price on Creamette. This sale comes around every few months and it is always a great deal to stock up to get you through until the next sale. 

What is the deal? Well, let me tell you! The Buy 6 & Save $3 Kroger Mega Sale kicks off today (3/22) and it is a 2 week sale, so no rush to run to the store. You will need to Buy 6 participating items, just look for tags throughout the store. You can mix and match participating items to save and get the items your family needs. 

Green Giant canned vegetables, Creamette Pasta, Kraft Easy Mac & Cheese Cups and more are just $.49 each when you buy 6 participating items. You can grab 6,12,18, 21, etc in a single transaction and receive the discount on every group of 6 at checkout. 

Now there may be no coupons on these items currently, but these are great prices that help save your family more. So I say again to Stock Up! Get your pantry filled up to get you through until the next Mega Sale deal on these items. That is how you save on food. You wont need pasta or canned vegetables for a few months if you stock up now, while the price is great. 

Now I am on Spring Break with my Giant, and this is his last Spring Break at home before he leaves for college, so I may not make it to the store this time to get deals posted right away.  But you can go and check out the store, look for the tags that say Buy 6 and Save $3 and stock up for your family. 


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