Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Aldi Deals starting today that you might not want to miss!

It's Wednesday! Which means it is time for new deals at your local Aldi store.

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This week we get great pricing on produce once again. 

Like Avocados for $.79 each

Brussel Sprouts 1lb package is $1.29

Green Grapes are $1.29lb

Green Leaf Lettuce is $.79 each

Pineapples are $1.29 each

Strawberries 1lb package are $1.49

Don't forget the Meat Deals - 

Chicken Thighs are $.69lb

I know that I will be heading to my local Aldi store for some of these deals, with my new diet to rid myself of the Lupus meds, I eat a lot of produce.  So I have to find everyway to save that I can. Aldi is always a great place to help me with that. 

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