Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Aldi Deals for 1/17-1/23

New Deals start today at Aldi! 

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Get ready to save on produce.  If you are eating fresh and need to always find ways to save, Aldi is a great place to help your budget. 

This weeks deals include - 

Blueberries pint - $1.69 

Grapes - $1.29lb

Haas Avocados 4pk package - $2.99

Kiwi 2lb pkg - $2.29

Mango - $.59 each

Mushrooms 8oz pkg - $.69 each

Pineapples - $1.29 each

Washington Organic Gala Apples 3lb pkg - $3.69

But I think I am more excited about the Fresh Chicken Breasts for $1.69lb!  These do come in a 5lb package typically, but the price is one of the best around right now. 

Wait!  Did you know that Aldi has a Natural Section. They carry a lot of products perfect for Paleo, Clean Eating and even the Keto diets.  If you need to save on items like Coconut Oil or Apple Cider Vinegar, then you may want to check out the price drops this week at Aldi. 

Apple Cider Vinegar 16.9oz is now $1.79

Coconut Oil 14oz is now $3.99 

These are staples in my pantry as we are Sugar Free/Dairy Free/ Grain Free right now to see if we can help IndyCouponMamas disease progression.  So far it is helping a lot!  Plus, I know a lot of you are doing Low Carb, Keto or Paleo and could use ways to save on these items. So hopefully this helps. 

Have a great week and go save! 

Indycouponmama always appreciates when you use her site. We are making some big changes, so stay tuned. 

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