Sunday, October 22, 2017

Get $10 off and get Groceries to your Door with free Delivery! My review of Instacart

Grocery delivery straight to your door? Yes Please!

With being a busy mom and always on the go with all of the Giant's sports, school and other endless activities this year, I need easy!

So, I decided to try InstaCart and see how well I liked their delivery service in comparison to Amazon Prime Now delivery.

Well I can already say InstaCart is a step ahead of Prime Now.

Even though Prime Now offers Fresh Thyme delivery, which is wonderful since my side of Indianapolis does not have access to a Fresh Thyme store. The prices for the Fresh Thyme on Prime Now are not always the same as in-store pricing and you have to really compare the deals on the Prime Now App to see if you are getting the best offers.

InstaCart offers Costco delivery, hello! Yes, I said Costco. I am thrilled by this, because let's admit it, Costco is life. But I also had CVS, Kroger, Meijer and even Petco stores in my available stores for delivery. This may be the best thing ever!

So of course my first order for InstaCart was for Costco. I need their cheesecake in my life to get me through these last few moments of Fall Break. I placed a simple order of 2 cases of water, 3lbs of bananas, milk, Organic Spring Salad Mix, a box of Coleman Chicken Breasts, and a 4 pack of Bertolli alfredo sauce. Not too hard to mess up, right?

I used a promo code that was given to me by a friend to get $10 off my first order and free delivery.

Now I did see a service charge of 10% which came out to $6.10 for my cart. I won't complain. If they want to go to Costco and fight the crowd and shop for me, I will pay it. Costco is a good 20 minutes away from me and I simply have no time to drive down there to get my cheesecake and chicken breasts.

I simply placed the order on the InstaCart site after selecting my store.  Selected my delivery time. About 30 minutes prior to my delivery, I received a text with the name of my shopper and that they would contact me if any changes need to be made. Then about 18 minutes prior to delivery another text to give me an estimated delivery time. Simple, right?  

I sat patiently at my desk waiting for my delivery to see that Cheesecake come knocking on my door. If you have never had Costco cheesecake, I highly recommend trying it. I consider myself a cake connoisseur. Probably something I should not be proud of, but cake fills the cracks in the heart. At least that is how the Giant puts it. We have a lot to celebrate for his achievements, college admissions and scholarship offers, the least I can do is have Cheesecake delivered to the door.  Yes, I will take that "Mom of the Year" award now. 

And now I have my cheesecake to eat with my Giant child and enjoy being at home without the running around and fighting crowds. 

All in all, I will say it is a lot like Prime Now Delivery if you have used that before.  More store options, check some of the prices though. If it's items you usually buy, then you most likely know what you spend on them and can compare. I did find a few items were more expensive on the InstaCart app. But I figure that the convenience is worth the few cents of no crowds and long lines at checkout.  Some items on the site did have additional offers/coupons. If I would have been in need of them, I would have taken up the additional money off for purchasing those items. You simply just need to check around the site and see what offers are available. 

So do you want to try InstaCart and let them do the shopping for you?  Let me offer you a $10 off code to give it a try. You will get Free Delivery on your first order, so what does it hurt to try.

Use promo code - JENNEN1FE1EC at Checkout and get your $10 off now!

*You can get unlimited free deliveries on orders over $35 for 14 days. If you like the service you can get a plan for as low as $79 a year to help you save more.

This is my honest review and I received no compensation for this opinionated post.
Code may give compensation for use.

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