Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Stream Thursday Night Football with Amazon Prime!

Go Pack Go!

Okay let me just apologize to the husband now for saying that. He is a Viking fan by birth and we do live in Indianapolis. But come on, its football and its fun to say Go Pack Go. Plus Aaron Rodgers is always fun to watch. Those last minute hail mary throws that win a game are what makes football exciting. 

When you are a mom of boys and now we have added another teenage boy to the home (count that 3 teenage boys under one roof) I have been forced to become a sports mom. I take my football seriously and I do like to see the hits, the downs and the penalties. I think I even yell at the TV to the refs who miss that targeting call.  We have to have the food, the drinks and the football and its a family night with my boys. 

So being an Amazon Prime mom, Im happy that we can now stream the Thursday night games on Prime Video.  I have missed a few games recently thanks to a certain contract issue with the local NBC and Direct TV companies. But you know what, at least now I wont miss Thursday Night Football thanks to Amazon Prime. 

Stream it live on your Amazon Devices. If you don't have an Amazon Device, I highly recommend you get one. They are affordable and easy to use. 

For the full list of games availables by week - Check out the Lineup Here

Stream Football Live on Prime Video

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