Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Don't Miss Deals at Aldi this week!

Great deals this week at Aldi! 

I love to save on Produce and this week Aldi does have some great deals to help my budget. They may not take coupons at Aldi, but the prices are good enough that you do not need any. It is honestly a great place for items that usually don't have coupons. Like produce, meat, flour, etc. 

This Weeks Produce Deals include -

Kiwi 2lb packages are $1.99

Mangoes for $.49

Mandarins 3lb bags for $2.49

Pineapples for $1.49 

Plums or Nectarine 2lb bags are $.79lb  ($1.58 per bag)

and my favorite Strawberries for $.99! 

Great price for some Strawberries and Cream on these hot days!

But check out the price of the Chicken!

Fresh Family Pack Chicken Breasts 5lb package are $1.69lb 

That is a great price for Chicken Breasts, so I definitely will be stopping in to save on meat this week! 

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