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Meijer Deals - Week of 5/11-5/17 Indianapolis OR 5/7-5/13 Indiana

Meijer Matchups - 5/11-5/17  Indianapolis Area Stores  OR  5/7-5/13 Indiana

Ad based off East Indianapolis area ad
10 for $10 and get the 11th item Free Sale is back this week at Meijer. 

*Please remember that you cannot use a coupon on a free item at Meijer, so you will need to plan accordingly. I usually try to make sure the 11th item scanned is a produce, meat or item that I do not have a coupon for to maximize my savings.

Mperks can vary per account. Check your account for those listed in the matchups.

Produce -

Baby Cut Carrots or Organic Baby Cut Carrots 1lb

Broccoli Crowns

Calbea Snapea Crisps, Lentil Snaps or Harvest Snaps  3-3.3oz

Campari Tomatoes 16oz

Del Monte Fruit Cup 7oz

Dole Classic Cole Slaw 14oz

Dole Classic Romaine or Greener Selection 9-12oz


Marzetti Baked Croutons 5oz

Red, Yellow or Orange Bell Peppers

True Goodness organic Whole White or Mini Bella Mushrooms 8oz

Meat -

Armour Pepperoni 2.5oz

Bar-S Meat Franks, Bologna or Cotto Salami 12-16oz

Butterball Turkey Bacon 6oz
-$.55 off one Butterball Turkey Bacon - Printable Coupon 
-$4 Rebate when you spend $16 on Butterball products - SavingStar Rebate

Eckrich Meat Franks 12-14oz

John Morrell Rope Sausage 7oz

Oscar Mayer Lunchables  3.1-4.4oz
-$2.00 off ten or more Lunchables brand items -  Mperks Coupon

Pantry -

Annie's Natural Mac & Cheese 5.25-6oz

Betty Crocker Favorites Brownie or Cake Mix

Betty Crocker Helper 4.7-8.7oz

Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad 6.2-8.3oz

Bumble Bee Tuna 5oz

Bush's Baked, Variety, Cocina Latina or Chili Beans 8.3-15oz
-$1.00 off three Bush's Baked Beans or Organic Baked Beans 15-16oz  SS 4/2 (exp 5/14)
-$1.00 off two Bush's Variety Beans, Organic Variety Beans or Hummus Made Easy  SS 5/14 (Exp 7/9)
-$1.00 off two Bush's Cocina Latina or Organic Variety Beans  SS 4/30 (Exp 6/25) regional 
-$1.00 off three Bush's Baked Beans - Mperks Coupon

Campbell's Microwaveable soup 10.75-15.4oz

Campbell's SpaghettiO's  14.2-15.8oz

Chef Boyardee Pasta 14.5-15oz

Chex Mix 7.5-8.75oz

Clif, Luna or Larabar single bars

Combos  6-6.3oz

Del Monte Vegetables 14.5-15.25oz

Dole Mandarin Oranges 11oz
-$.50 off two Dole canned fruit  SS 5/7 (exp 6/30)
-$1.00 off three Dole Canned fruit  SS 5/7 (exp 6/30) regional

Extra or Orbit Gum single pack 1.12-1.76oz
-$.50 off two Orbit Gum  RP 3/13 (Exp 6/4)
-Buy one & get one Free Orbit Gum Singles 14ct - Mperks Coupon

Flipz Singles 4.5oz

Hersheys King Size Candy Singles 2.1-6.5oz

Hostess Sweet Goods 2.7-4.5oz

Hunt's Snack Pack Pudding or Gel 4pk

Hunt's Tomatoes 14.5-15.8oz

Idahoan Mashed Potatoes 3-4.1oz, Cups 1.5oz, Specialty Potatoes or Casseroles 3.7-5.11oz

Jell-O large box gelatin or pudding  .6-6oz

Knorr Pasta or Rice Sides 3.8-5.7oz

Kraft Original Mac & Cheese 7.25oz, Easy Mac or Velveeta Cups 1.9-2.39oz

Lay's Staxx 5.5-5.75oz

Martha White Muffin Mix 7-7.6oz

McCormick's Grill Mates Seasoning or Blends 2.37-3.5oz or Grinders .22-2.5oz

Meijer Canned Fruit 14.5-15.25oz

Meijer Chunk White Chicken 5oz

Meijer Croutons 5oz

Meijer Dressing 16oz

Meijer Green Box Pasta 12-16oz

Meijer Marshmallows 10-10.5oz

Meijer Microwave Popcorn 3ct

Meijer Olives 6oz

Meijer Pasta Sauce 24oz

Nabisco or Kellogg's Go Cups 2-3.5oz

Old El Paso Mexican Foods 4.5-16.5oz
-$1.00 off three Old El Paso products - Printable Coupon

Progresso Vegetable Classic Soup 18-19oz
-$1.00 off three Progresso products - Printable Coupon

Rice a Roni or Pasta Roni 4.2-7.2oz

Rosarita refried beans 16oz

Ro-Tel Tomatoes 10oz

Slim Jim meat sticks  .97-1.12oz

Stauffer's animal crackers 10-11oz

True Goodness Salsa 16oz

Zatarains rice mix
-$.75 off one Zatarain's Rice Mix - Printable Coupon

Beverage -

Coca-Cola, 7Up or Pepsi product 2liter

Glaceau VitaminWater or VitaminWater Zero 20oz

Ice Mountain Water 6pk/16.9oz
-$1.00 off two Ice Mountain Water 6pk/700ml - Mperks Coupon

Mt. Dew Kickstart 12 or 16oz

Nestle Pure Life Water Splash 6pk/16.9oz

Pepsi Cola 1893 original cola 12oz can

Rockstar 16oz

Simply Juice singles

SoBe Lifewater 20oz

Sparkling Ice 17oz

Sunny D 64oz
-$.40 off one Sunny D product  SS 5/7 (exp 7/2)

Tradewinds Tea 18.5-23.5oz

Tropicana Juice singles

Freezer -

Aunt Jemima Great Start Breakfast  5.2-6.8oz

Banquet entrees 4.88-11.88oz or Pot Pies 7oz

Banquet Sausage Links  6.4oz

Edy's ice cream cups 5.8-6oz

Green Giant Vegetables 7-10oz
-$.50 off two Green Giant products  SS 4/2 (Exp 5/31)
-$1.00 off two Green Giant products  SS 4/2 (exp 5/31) regional

Meijer Frozen Juice Concentrate 12oz

Meijer Frozen Sandwiches  4.29-5.7oz

Meijer Frozen Vegetables 12-16oz

Michelina's Entrees 4.5-9.5oz

Milford Valley Stuffed Chicken Breasts 5oz

Old Orchard Frozen Concentrate 12oz
-$1.00 off one Old Orchard Frozen Concentrate  SS 5/7 (exp 7/9) 
-$.50 off one Old Orchard Frozen Concentrate - Printable Coupon

Totino's Party Pizza 9.8-10.9oz

Totino's Pizza Rolls 7.5oz

Fridge/Dairy -

Breakstone 100 Calorie Cottage Cheese Doubles 3.9oz

Chobani Flip Yogurt 5.3oz
-$1.00 off three Chobani Flip Greek Yogurts  SS 3/19 (Exp 5/19) regional

Dannon Drinks 7oz
-$1.00 off five Dannon Oikos single serve cups or drinks, two multipacks or one quart  SS  4/2 (exp 5/13) regional

Dannon Greek Yogurt 5.3oz
-$1.00 off five Dannon Oikos single serve cups or drinks, two multipacks or one quart  SS  4/2 (exp 5/13) regional

Kraft Snack Trios 1.5oz

Meijer Cottage Cheese 16oz
*Catalina Offer - 5/20
-Buy 2 & Get $1 off your next shopping trip
-Buy 3 & Get $1.50 off your next shopping trip
-Buy 4 or more & Get $2.50 off your next shopping trip

Meijer Snack Breaks 1.5oz

Pillsbury Biscuits 6-10.2oz, Cinnamon Rolls w/Icing 7.3oz or Crescent Rolls 4oz
-$.30 off two Pillsbury Grands or Grands Jr Biscuits  SS 3/12 (Exp 6/3)

Bakery/Deli -

Crusty French Baguette 6-8.5oz

Dessert Shells 4ct

Meijer Soft Tortillas 8ct

Stonefire Naan Bread 7oz
-$1.00 off one Stonefire Naan or Mini Naan - Printable Coupon

4" Mini Pie

Household -

Ajax dish soap 12.6oz

Dawn dish soap 8oz
-$.25 off one Dawn dish soap  PG 4/30 (Exp 5/27) 
-$.25 off one Dawn dish soap - Mperks Coupon

Glade room spray 8oz

Meijer Reclosable Snack or Sandwich Bags 40ct

Renuzit adjustable cone air refreshener

Health & Beauty -

Arrid or Arm & Hammer deodorant
-$1.00 off one Arrid or Arm & Hammer deodorant  SS 5/7 (exp  6/3)

Dial hand soap 7.5oz

Ivory Bar Soap 3ct
-$.25 off one Ivory Bar Soap 3ct or larger or body wash - Printable Coupon

Meijer Bath Poufs

Pure Protein Bars or Balance Bars 
-$1.00 off two Pure Protein bars   RP 5/7 (Exp 6/30)

Suave Naturals shampoo or conditioner 12oz

Travel & Trial size products



Produce -

Blueberries pint - $2.50

Florida Bi-Color Sweet Corn - 4/$1.00  ($.25 each)

Grape Tomatoes pint - $2.00

Pears, assorted - $1.49lb

Strawberries 1lb - $1.49

Meat -

Ball Park meat franks 15oz - $2.00
-$.55 off one Ball Park Hot Dog  RP  4/30 (exp 6/11)

Chicken Drumsticks and Thighs, family pack - $.99lb

Ground Beef 80% lean, 3lb pkg - $1.99lb

Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage Rope or Links 12-14oz - $2.00
-$.55 off two Hillshire Farm Sausage products  RP 4/30 (Exp 6/11)

Jimmy Dean Sausage Roll, Links or Patties 12-16oz - $2.99
-$.55 off one Jimmy Dean breakfast product  RP 5/7 (exp 6/4)
-$1.00 off one Jimmy Dean breakfast product  RP 5/7 (Exp 6/4) regional

Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh LunchMeat 7-9oz - $3.00

Pantry -

Kellogg's Pop-Tarts 13.5-15.2oz - $1.88
-$1.00 off three Kellogg's Pop-Tarts - Printable Coupon

Meijer Broth 32oz carton - $1.49

Ocean Spray Craisins 5-6oz - Buy one & Get one Free

Beverages -

McCafe Coffee 12oz or K-Cups 12ct - $5.99

Meijer ground coffee  24.2-30.5oz - $4.99

Simply Lemonade or Fruit Punch 59oz - $1.89
-$.75 off one Simply beverage 59 or 89oz - Printable Coupon

Fridge -

Challenge Spreadable Butter 15oz - $2.99
-$.50 off one Challenge Butter - Printable coupon

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter 15-16oz - $2.00

Meijer Butter Quarters 16oz - $2.99

Meijer Eggs, large one dozen - $.69

Yoplait Yogurt  Fridge Pack 8pk - $3.99
-$1.00 off one Yoplait Yogurt 8pk fridge pack - Printable Coupon

Deli -

Flatout Bread - $2.99
-$1.00 off one FlatOut product - Printable Coupon

Household -

Gain laundry care, dish soap or Febreze with Gain air care products - Spend $20 & Get $5 Off Instantly
- $2.00 off one Gain Detergent  PG 4/30 (exp 5/13) *
-$2.00 off one Tide Pods or Gain Flings  PG 4/30 (Exp 5/13) *
-$3.00 off three Gain detergent, fabice enhancer or dryer sheets  RP 5/7 (exp 5/20) regional
-$3.00 off three Gain dish soap, febreze with gain, swiffer refills w/Gain or Mr Clean w/Gain  RP 5/7 (exp 5/20) regional 
-$2.00 off one Gain detergent - Mperks Coupon

Purex detergent 75oz or Crystals in Wash Booster 18oz - $2.99
-$1.00 off two Purex detergents  RP 5/7 (exp 5/21)
-Buy two Purex Crystals in Wash Scent Booster and get one Free RP 5/7 (exp 5/14) 
-$2 Rebate when you buy 2 Purex in wash Crystal Fragrance Boosters - SavingStar Rebate


Spend $25 on Cottonelle, Kleenex, Scott or Viva products and get $5 OYNO 

Cottonelle bath tissue 6mega roll - $5.99
-$1.00 off one Cottonelle bath tissue  SS 4/9 (exp 5/13) 
-$.50 off one Cottonelle bath tissue 6pk+ - Printable Coupon
-$.50 off one Cottonelle bath tissue - Mperks coupon

Cottonelle flushable wipes 168ct - $5.99
-$1.00 off one Cottonelle flushable wipes  SS 4/9 (Exp 5/13) 
-$.50 off one Cottonelle Flushable Wipes - Printable Coupon
-$.50 off one Cottonelle flushable wipes - Mperks Coupon

Kleenex facial tissue  4pk bundle - $5.49

Kleenex hand towels  60ct - $1.99

Scott Extra Soft bath tissue 12dbl roll - $4.99 
-$.55 off one Scott Extra Soft bath tissue 8roll+ - Printable Coupon

Scott paper towels 6mega roll - $4.99
-$.55 off one Scott paper towel - Printable coupon

Scott Tube Free or 1000 Sheet bath tissue  12roll - $7.99 
-$1.00 off one Scott Tube Free bath tissue 9roll+ - Printable Coupon

Viva or Viva Vantage paper towels 6big roll - $5.99


Health & Beauty -

Colgate, Crest, Listerine or Oral-B oral care products 
-$.50 off one Colgate toothpaste 3oz+  SS 5/7 (exp 5/20)
-$2.00 off one Colgate Optic White Radiant or Platinum, Total Advanced, Enamel Health or Sensitive Toothpaste SS 5/7 (exp  5/20)
-$2.00 off one Colgate 360 or Floss Tip toothbrush  SS 5/7 (exp 5/13)
-$2.00 off one Colgate mouthwash 400ml+  SS 5/7 (exp  5/20)
-$1.00 off one Listerine Mouthwash  SS 4/2 (exp 5/28) 
-$1.00 off one Colgate Total, Optic White, Enamel Health or Sensitive Toothpaste - Printable Coupon 
-$.50 off one Colgate Mouthwash 200ml+ - Printable Coupon
-$.75 off one Crest 3D Whitening mouthwash - Printable Coupon
-$1.00 off each Colgate Mouthwash 400ml or larger - Mperks Coupon 
-$1.50 off one Crest Mouthwash 473ml or larger - Mperks Coupon 
-$1.00 off one Colgate Total or Optic White toothpaste - Mperks Coupon 
-$1.00 off one Crest Toothpaste - Mperks Coupon 
-$1.50 off one Crest twin pack toothpaste - Mperks Coupon 
-$1.00 off one Oral-B manual toothbrush - Mperks Coupon 
-$1.00 off one Colgate manual or power toothbrush - Mperks Coupon

Dove Baby products - Spend $20 Or More and get $5 Off Your Next Shopping Trip
-$1.00 off one Baby Dove product 13oz+  RP 5/7 (exp 6/7)
-$.50 off one Baby Dove product - Printable Coupon




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