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Meijer Deals - Week of 1/15-1/21 Indiana OR 1/19-1/25 Indianapolis Area Stores

Meijer Deals - 1/15-1/21  Indiana  OR  1/19-1/25  Indianapolis Area Stores

(Ad based off Lafayette, In area Ad. Prices may vary)

10  for $10 & Get the 11th Item Free Sale is Back! 

*Make sure to buy in increments of 11 for discount. Coupons cannot be used on a Free Item at Meijer, so plan accordingly.

Produce -


Broccoli Crowns

Del Monte Fruit Cups 7oz

Earthbound Farms or Bolthouse Farms Baby Cut Carrots or Organic Baby Cut Carrots 1lb bag
-$2.00 off two Earthbound Farms products  RP 1/8 (exp 2/28)  *regional
-$2.00 off two Earthbound Farms Organic Products - Mperks Coupon

Fresh Gourmet Croutons or Organic Crouton 4.5-5oz


New Star Spinach 10oz

Pom Wonderful Juice 8oz 
-$.50 off one Pom Wonderful Juice  SS 1/1 (Exp 2/12)

Red, Yellow or Orange Bell Peppers

True Goodness organic Whole White or Mini Bella Mushrooms 8oz

Meat/Deli -

Armour Lunchmakers or Pepperoni  2.44-2.75oz

Bar-S Bologna or Cotto Salami 12-16oz

Bar-S Meat Franks 16oz

Deli Snacking Cheddar Cheese Pretzel Poppers or Cheese Sticks Cup 3.35-5oz

Deli Snacking Popcorn Chicken or Popcorn Shrimp Cup 5.5-6oz

John Morrell Smoked Sausage 7oz

Pantry -

Betty Crocker Cake Mix 15.25-18.25oz

Betty Crocker Family Brownie Mix 18.3-20.5oz

Betty Crocker Helpers 4.7-8.7oz
-$.75 off three Bety Crocker Helpers  SS 1/8 (exp 3/4)

Betty Crocker Specialty Potatoes 3.7-5.1oz
-$.50 off two Betty Crocker Specialty Potatoes  SS 12/4 (Exp 1/28)
-$1.00 off four Betty Crocker Specialty Potatoes  SS 12/4 (Exp 1/28) *regional

Bush's Best Beans 14.5-16oz

Campbell's Soup on the Go 10.7-11.1oz or Bowls 15.3-15.4oz

Campbell's SpaghettiO's 14.5-15.8oz
-Buy three & Get one Free Campbell's SpaghettiO's  SS 11/6 (exp 1/22)

Chef Boyardee 14.5-15.5oz or Microwave Cups

Clif, Larabar or Luna bar singles
-$.50 off two Larabar singles - Printable Coupon 
-$.50 off two Larabar singles - Mperks Coupon 
-$.50 rebate when you buy 2 Larabar singles - SavingStar Rebate

Combos  6-6.3oz
-$1.00 off two Combos Snacks - Printable Coupon

Del Monte Vegetables 15-15.25oz
-$1.00 off four Del Monte Tomatoes  SS 1/8 (exp 3/4)  IF Included

General Mills Chex Mix 8.75oz
-$.50 off two Chex, Bugles or Gardettos  SS 1/8 (exp 3/4)
-$.50 off two Chex Mix 3.7oz+ - Mperks Coupon 
-$.50 rebate when you buy 2 Chex Mix products - SavingStar Rebate

Hershey's King Size Candy Bars 2.2-5oz 

Hostess Single Serve Goods 2.7-4.5oz

Hunt's Ketchups 24oz

Hunt's Snack Pack Pudding 4pk

Hunt's Tomatoes 14.5-14.8oz

Idahoan Mashed Potatoes 3-4.1oz

Jell-O pudding or gelatin .6-6oz

Justin's or Barney's Almond Butter Packets .6-1.15oz

Kellogg's or Nabisco Go Cups 2-3.5oz

Knorr Rice or Pasta Sides 3.8-5.7oz
-$.50 off two Knorr Side Dishes  RP 1/1 (exp 1/29)

Kraft Easy Mac 1.9-2.35oz

Kraft Original Mac & Cheese 7.25oz

Lay's Staxx 5.5-5.75oz

Manwich 15-16oz

Meijer Canned Fruit 14.5-20oz

Meijer Chunk White Chicken 5oz

Meijer Croutons 5oz

Meijer Dressing 16oz

Meijer Green Box Pasta 12-16oz

Meijer Olives 6oz

Meijer Pasta Sauce 24oz

Meijer Pretzel 10-15oz

Meijer Popcorn 8.7-10.5oz

Nutella & Go 1.8-1.9oz 

Old El Paso Mexican Foods 4.5-16oz
-$1.00 off three Old El Paso products - Printable Coupon

Open Pit BBQ Sauce 18oz

Progresso Vegetables Classics 18.5-19oz
-$.50 off two Progresso Soup products  SS 12/4 (exp 1/28)
-$.50 off two Progresso Soup Products  SS 1/8 (exp 3/4)
-$1.00 off four Progresso Soup products  SS 12/4 (exp 1/28) *regional
-$1.00 off four Progresso Soups - Mperks Coupon 
-$1.00 rebate when you buy 4 Progresso Soup products - SavingStar Rebate

Rice-a-Roni or Pasta Roni 4.2-7.2oz

Ro-Tel Tomatoes 10oz

Starkist Chunk White Tuna 5oz can or Tuna Creations 2.6oz

Beverages - 

Coca-Cola, Pepsi or 7Up product 2liter 

Fairlife Milk singles 11.5oz

Gatorade 32oz

Glaceau VitaminWater or VitaminWater Zero 20oz

Honest Tea 16.9oz

Mt. Dew Kickstart 12-16oz

Nestle Pure Life Splash 6pk/16.9oz bottles

Old Orchard 100% Juice or Healthy Balance Juice 64oz
-$1.00 off two Old Orchard Healthy Balance Juice - Printable Coupon 
-$1.00 off two Old Orchard 100% Juice products - Printable Coupon

Rockstar 16oz

Simply Juice singles

Snapple Tea 18.5oz

Sunny D 64oz 

Tropicana Juice singles

Freezer - 

Banquet entrees, pot pies 4.85-11.8oz

Bosco Sticks singles 3oz

Cole's Mini Loaf 8oz
-$1.00 off two Cole's Bread Products - Printable Coupon

Green Giant Vegetables 7-10oz 

Jeno's Pizza 5-5.2oz

Meijer Frozen Sandwiches  4.29-5.7oz

Meijer Frozen Vegetables 12-16oz

Meijer 10ct Waffles 

Michelina's Entrees 4.5-9.5oz 

Old Orchard Frozen Juice 12oz
-$1.00 off four Old Orchard Frozen Concentrates - Printable Coupon

Ore-Ida Easy Extra Crispy Potatoes  4.5-4.75oz

Totino's Pizza Rolls 7.5oz

Fridge/Dairy -

Chobani Greek or Crunch Yogurt 4.2-5.3oz

Meijer Snack Breaks 1.5oz

Bakery -

4" Mini Pie

Crusty French Baguette 6-8.5oz

Household - 

Ajax dish soap 12.6oz

Clorox Liquid Bleach 16oz

Glade Room Spray 8oz
-Buy three Glade 8oz room sprays or solid air fresheners and get one Free  SS 1/8 (exp 2/12)
-Buy three Glade Aerosol or Solids & Get one Free - Printable Coupon

Meijer Facial Tissue 75-120ct

Meijer Snack or Sandwich Bags 40ct

Renuzit Adjustable Cone 7oz

The Works Toilet Bowl or Tub & Shower Cleaner 32oz

Health & Beauty -

Dial liquid hand soap 7.5oz

Ivory Bar Soap 3ct
-$.25 off one Ivory Soap product - Printable Coupon

Meijer Bath Poufs

Meijer Foaming Shave Cream 10oz

Softsoap liquid hand soap 7.5oz

Travel or Trial Size Products


(not included in the 10 for $10 sale)

Produce - 

Blueberries, pint - $1.50

Cantaloupe - $1.99

Klondike Red, Yellow or Rose Potatoes 5lb bag - $2.99

Pears, assorted - $.99lb 

Meat/Deli -

Chicken Drumsticks or Thighs - $.99lb

Eckrich 2pc Smoked Sausage Rope or Polish Sausage 12-16.8oz, Li'l Smokies or Smok-Y Links - $2.50

Ground Beef, 80% lean sold in 3lb pkg  - $1.99lb

Meijer Bacon 12-16oz - $2.99 

Meijer Pink Salmon Fillets 16oz frozen - $5.99 

Meijer Thin Sliced Lunchmeat 7-9oz - $2.50

Pork Chops, bone-in - $1.99lb

Sara Lee Pre-Sliced Deli Meat 8-10oz - Buy One & Get One Free

Pantry -

Betty Crocker or Mott's Fruit Snacks  4.5-8oz - $1.88 

-$.50 off two Betty Crocker, Mott's, Sunkist and Fiber One Fruit Snacks  SS 1/8 (exp 3/4)
-$.50 off two Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks - printable coupon 
-$.50 rebate when you buy 2 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks - SavingStar Rebate

Meijer Jam, Jelly or Preserves 18-32oz - $1.50

Meijer Peanut Butter 16oz  - $1.50

Quaker Chewy Bars 6.1-7.4oz - $1.88
-$1.00 off three Quaker Chewy Bars  RP 1/1 (Exp 2/11)

Swanson Broth or Stock 32oz - $1.99 
-$.40 off two Swanson Broth  SS 12/11 (Exp 2/5)
-$1.00 off two Swanson Broth SS 12/11 (exp 2/5) *regional
-$.40 off two Swanson Broth  SS 1/15 (Exp 3/12)
-$.50 off two Swanson Broths - Printable Coupon

Freezer - 

Birds Eye Voila 21oz - $3.79

DiGiornio Thin & Crispy Pizza 10.6-12.5oz - $2.99
-Buy 2 Digiorno Pizzas and get 1 Free - Printable Coupon   nla

Jose Ole Frozen Snacks 18-22.5oz - $3.99

Meijer Bagged Chicken 26-32oz- $3.79

Tombstone Pizza 19.6-28.4oz - $2.99
-$1.00 off any two Tombstone Pizzas - Printable Coupon

Fridge/Dairy -

Dannon Yogurt, assorted varieties 4pk - $1.88
-$1.00 off three Light & Fit Multipacks, Five Single Serve Cups or One Quart  SS 1/1 (exp 1/28)
-$1.00 off two Dannon Activia Yogurt 4pks  SS 1/15 (exp 2/25)

International Delight Creamer 32oz - $2.49

Kraft Chunk or Shredded Cheese 6-8oz - $1.99 
-Buy three Kraft Shredded Cheese 6oz+ & Get One Ore-Ida Tater Tot 28-32oz Free - Mperks Coupon (Check Your Account)

Meijer Butter Quarters 16oz - $2.99

Household -

Bounty Premium Paper Towels 6big roll - $3 OFF 
-$.25 off one Bounty Product  PG 1/1 (Exp 1/28)
-$.25 off one Bounty product - Printable coupon
-$.25 off one Bounty Product - Mperks Coupon

Health  & Beauty - 

Axe products - Get $2 Off Instantly When You Buy 2
-$1.00 off one Axe hair care product - Mperks Coupon 
-$1.00 rebate when you buy one Axe Hair Care Product - SavingStar Rebate

Dove Personal Care Products - Buy One & Get One Half Off 
-$3.00 off two Dove Hair Care Products  RP 1/1 (exp 1/28)
-$2.00 off one Dove Men+Care Body Wash  RP 1/1 (exp 1/15)  *SUNDAY MARKET ONLY
-$2.00 off one Dove Men+Care Bar Soap  RP 1/1 (Exp 1/15)  *SUNDAY MARKET ONLY
-$1.50 off one Dove Body Wash 22oz+  RP 1/1 (Exp 1/15) * SUNDAY MARKET ONLY
-$1.00 off one Dove Beauty Bar 4pk+  RP 1/1 (Exp 1/15) *SUNDAY MARKET ONLY
-$2.00 off one Dove Men+Care hair care  RP 1/1 (exp 1/28)
-$1.50 off one Dove Advanced Clinical Protection deodorant  RP 1/1 (Exp 1/28)
-$1.00 off one Dove Body Wash or Foam product - Printable Coupon 
-$1.00 off one Dove Bar Soap 4pk+ - Printable Coupon 
-$1.00 off one Dove Shower Foamer - Mperks Coupon

Garnier Skin or Hair Care Products - Spend $20 & Get $10 Off Your Next Beauty Purchase
-$1.00 off one Garnier Cleanser  RP 1/8 (exp 2/4) *regional
-$3.00 off one Garnier Moisturizer  RP 1/8 (exp 2/4) *regional
-$2.00 off one Garnier Whole Blends product  RP 1/8 (exp 2/4) *regional
-$3.00 off two Garnier Hair Care products  RP 1/8 (exp 2/4) *regional
-$1.00 off one Garnier Hair Care product  RP 1/8 (exp 2/4) *regional
-$1.00 off one Garnier styling product  RP 1/8 (exp 2/4) *regional

Listerine Oral Care Products - Spend $10 & Get $5 Off Your Next Shopping Trip
-$1.00 off one Listerine Smart Rinse  SS 1/8 (exp 1/31)
-$1.00 off one Listerine Floss or Flosser  SS 1/8 (exp 1/31)
-$1.00 off one Listerine mouthwash 1ltr or Healthy White Rinse 16oz  SS 1/8 (exp 1/31)

Pure Protein Bars or Bites 1ct - $1.25
-$.50 off one Pure Protein Bar  RP 1/1 (exp 2/28)
-$1.00 off two Pure Protein Bars or One Shake Multipack  RP 1/1 (Exp 2/28) 
-$1.00 off two Pure Protein Bars - Printable Coupon

Schick Shaving Products - Spend $25 & Get $5 Off Instantly at Checkout
-$2.00 off one Schick Disposable Razor  SS 1/1 (Exp 1/22)
-$2.00 off one Schick Quattro for Men - Printable Coupon 
-$3.00 off one Schick Disposable Razor Pack - Printable Coupon 
-$3.00 off one Schick Quattro for Women - Printable Coupon 
-$2.00 off one Schick Hydro Razor or Refill - Printable Coupon 
-$3.00 off one Schick Hydro Silk Razor - Printable Coupon 
-$4.00 off one Schick Hydro Silk Refill - Printable Coupon

Softsoap Body Wash - Buy One & Get One Half Off 
-$.75 off one Softsoap body wash  SS 1/15 (exp 1/28)

Vaseline hand or body lotion or lip care products - Buy One & Get One Half Off
-$2.00 off one Vaseline Lotion 10oz+  RP 1/1 (exp 1/28)
-$1.00 off one Vaseline Lotion 20oz or larger - Mperks Coupon

Baby -

Gerber Graduates Pasta Pick Ups 6oz, Veggie or Fruit Pick Ups 4.5oz, Lil Meals 6oz or Breakfast Buddies 4.5oz - $1.33  (3/$4)
-$1.00 off two Gerber Graduates food products  SS 1/15 (exp 2/26)
-$1.00 off three Gerber Graduates Meal or Side - Printable Coupon

Huggies diapers, wipes, Pull-Ups or Goodnites - Spend $30 & Get $10 OYNO
-$1.50 off one Huggies Diaper  SS 1/8 (exp 2/4)
-$1.50 off one Huggies Wipes 56ct+ when you buy one Huggies Diaper  SS 1/8 (exp 2/4)
-$.50 off one Huggies Wipes 56ct+ - Printable Coupon
-$2.00 off one Huggies Diapers - Printable Coupon
-$2.00 off one Pull-Ups or Goodnites - Printable Coupon


If an item is denoted with a  * symbol behind it - This is a regional coupon that Indiana did not receive in local papers, but you can find on clipping sites.

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