Sunday, November 20, 2016

Are you ready for the Gathering or Avoiding the Clean Up?

Are you ready to celebrate Thankgiving? Or shall we say a ThanksGathering. 

When families gather, things can get messy! Am I right? 

It's great to be around family, even if it is just for one day. You get the unwanted advice from an older sibling or the grandmother that tells you how much simpler life was when she was your age. 

Thanksgiving can be great. Or a Nightmare. But hopefully for you it will be somewhere in between. 

So we will call it a ThanksGathering for all purposes. 

SC Johnson knows what ThanksGatherings mean. So Right at Home is offering you the Ultimate Quiz to see what kind of gathering you will have. 

Sign up for Right At Home and get entered to win a $25 AMC giftcard and/or a $500 Mastercard giftcard. Hopefully you are one of the lucky winners! 

Once you are entered you can click to download up to $20 in SC Johnson product savings! Perfect to save on all of the cleaners you will need to clean up the ThanksGathering messes! 

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