Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday Morning Coupon Round Up

Good Sunday Morning!

We survived our first week of Fall Break and Lil Man didn't completely eat me out of house and home.

Luckily we have another week of the Kroger Mega Sale to look forward to and new coupons to pair up with the sales. As well as a Buy 5 & Save $5 Sale starting this week at Meijer.

Here are the new coupons released for Sunday Morning. So grab your coffee, get the printer fired up and start clipping your coupons!


$1.50 off any 2 JOHNSON'S & Desitin

$1.50 off ONE Pampers Wipes 168 ct or higher

$1.00 off one Ocean Spray Grapefruit Juice

$1.00 off any TWO Kelloggs Cereals

$0.75 off any ONE Kelloggs Frosted Flakes Cereals

$2.00 off one Children's Motrin product

$2.00 off one ZYRTEC and Benadryl

$1.00 off one Mylicon

$2.00 off one Children's Sudafed

$0.25 off one Palmolive Dish Liquid

$2.00 off one Tide Pods

$2.00 off one Gain Flings

$2.00 off one Pledge product

$2.00 off one Colgate Toothpaste Twin Pack

$3.00 off one Gillette Disposable Razor

$3.00 off one Gillette Fusion Proshield Razor

$4.00 off any 2 Venus OR Daisy Razor Packs

$3.00 off one Venus OR Olay Razor

$3.00 off one Venus Disposable Razor Pack

$4.00 off any 2 Gillette Disposable Razor

$3.00 off one Venus Disposable Razor

$3.00 off one Gillette Disposable Razor

$3.00 off one Gillette System Razor

$1.00 off one Aveeno

$2.00 off one Compeed

$0.50 off one BAND-AID Brand Adhesive Bandages

$1.50 off one Opti-free

$1.00 off one Listerine

$1.50 off one CLEAR Care

$1.00 off one Neosporin

$1.00 off any 4 SHEBA PERFECT PORTIONS Cat Food

$2.00 off one Dog Chow Small Dog

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