Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fresh Thyme double ad day and how I get it delivered to my door!

There are so many reasons that I could you why I love Fresh Thyme Farmers Market stores.

Other than they have the best prices on produce and the produce lasts a lot longer than most stores we buy from. My biggest reason to love them is Double Ad Thursday.

You can get Last Weeks and This Weeks deals all in the same day. So don't have to make multiple trips if you don't want to. Or simply don't have the time like myself. Of course, I will tell you now that I have learned that Amazon Prime Now delivers Fresh Thyme to my area, I may never leave my house again. But we will talk about that in a minute.

So let me explain Double Ad Day for a second. If the same item is on both weeks sales ad, then you will get the better price of those prices. For instance Last Weeks ad has Cantaloupe for $.99 but Next Weeks ad has Cantaloupe for $1.29. You will get the $.99 price on Double Ad Day. I know it can be confusing. But don't get overwhelmed. Just save! 

Fresh Thyme makes it easy to save on produce, meat and all things organic for my family. We shop each weeks sale and base our meals off of that. If Chicken Breasts go on sale like they are this week, I stock up! They are huge. You literally can cut one in half and serve it, they are that big. 

Ok, I mentioned that Amazon Prime Now delivers Fresh Thyme to my door. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can download the App for Prime Now. Check the participating stores in your zip code to see if Fresh Thyme is one of the participating stores for your area. Granted I do not have a Fresh Thyme on my side of town. Which is a travesty. I should picket or something, but I am lazy and will just keep begging in videos for Fresh Thyme to come to the east side or southeast side of Indy

Since Fresh Thyme was a participating store for me, I placed an order on my Amazon Prime Now app. Scrolling through all of the options of produce, meat, bulk items etc. But really since it was my first order, I just wanted to put it to the test. So I stuck with produce. You don't want meat going bad if your delivery driver isn't going to get it to your door in the 2 hour window promised, right?

I was so happy with my order, I am definitely ready to become a Shut In or something. I really never have to leave my house again, if I don't want to that is. I can get fresh produce, dairy, meat and really anything I need delivered to my door in about 2 hours. 
I did have to pay a $5 tip to the driver.  But after I saw my order and he got it to my door in 1 hour and 15 minutes, I didn't mind paying the tip. In fact my driver was so funny, I almost hugged him. But you know there is probably rules or something on hugging customers. So I didn't want to get him in trouble. I was just super happy at how fast, efficient and great my order was. 

I got all of this for $28.11 and that included my tax and tip. Brocolli, Asparagus, 4lbs of green beans, watermelon, tomatoes, squash, zucchini, lettuce and don't forget 2lb of Gummy Worms. Which I hid from the boys. 

I am placing my order this morning as I drink my coffee and check this weeks ad. Ready to see how this week goes, because I am adding meat into this order. But since I have never had a problem with Amazon delivery, I think it will be okay. 

*Prime Now made it so easy to place my order and go do what I needed to. Since I work from home, aka Mom/Maid, I could keep doing the dishes, laundry and matchups without worrying about running and getting the chickens produce and stuff for dinner this week.

You do have to be an Amazon Prime Member to use the Prime Now app. But Prime is my best friend. I get free delivery on so many items that I already order. Believe me all of the Iphone Screen Repair kits I have had to have couriered over by Amazon same day, makes my Prime membership pay for itself.

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