Monday, September 19, 2016

New Amazon Echo for just $49.99

Grab the Amazon Echo now for just $49.99!

The Echo Dot will be released officially on October 2nd. Grab your pre-order now for just $49.99! 

Receive it the day it comes out. 

The Echo Dot can play music, control smart devices around the home, provide information, set alarms and more.

Connect to speakers or headphones through Bluetooth devices to play Prime, Pandora, Spotify and more. Control lights, sprinklers, garage doors and other compatible devices with ease.

This is your voice controlled computer. You know the ones we thought we would get from years of watching the Jetsons. Now all we need are cars that fly.

It is an alarm clock, an kitchen assistant and voice controlled computer all in one! Ordering Pizza or requesting Uber rides just got easier.

Technology is going places!

Plus this will make for great gifts at the Holidays. I know my mom would be scared of it, but my sister might enjoy this!

Shop Amazon Devices - All New Echo Dot

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