Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Baskin Robbins 14oz ice cream for $1.50 after Mperk

Check Your Mperk Accounts! 

Look for this $1.00 of each Baskin Robbins 14oz ice cream Mperk and use it with the Meijer sale thru 10/9 to get ice cream for $1.50! 

So my neighbor and I took a break from cleaning and being moms to stroll the aisles of Meijer. As we were perusing the frozen foods section I noticed the Baskin Robbins 14oz ice creams were on sale for $2.50. Which is a great price by itself. 

However, as we scrolled our Mperk accounts we found a lovely Mperk for $1.00 off each Baskin Robbins ice cream 14oz. That means $1 off however many I wanted. 

We are ice cream, which the boys love, and of course I love! So I bought 5. If I had more freezer space I am sure I would have bought more. 

The Mperks makes them just $1.50! 

If you don't see it right away, search "frozen" in your Mperk account and hopefully it will pop up for you.

The sale on the Baskin Robbins 14oz ice cream ends 10/9 per sale tag in store. So plenty of time to grab yours! 

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