Friday, June 24, 2016

Mperks has a new look!

Mperks users - In case you haven't noticed, the way we look at our Mperks changed this week. I was a little caught off guard when I did my morning log in to check for new coupons and savings. But after searching and looking around the new site, I was pleased with the new view.

Now if you are not a Mperk User, I highly recommend signing up for a free Meijer Mperks account. Between the Mperk digital coupons (store & manufacturer coupon) and the Rewards to earn it is a great option to help your family save more.

 Meijer is paying you to shop there, basically. I love the Rewards program, because I can shop for my families groceries and earn back Mperks Rewards to use on my future purchases and lower my out of pocket expenses. I guess you could say it is the equivalent to catalinas, but better!

You can view your Rewards that are already clipped or available to clip and start earning. Plus see any Related Coupons available to help you save while earning your Reward.

I do get a lot of produce Mperks in my account and they can get mixed up in the huge list of savings. I can simply click one "Related Coupons" and clip the ones I know I will use to help my family save more, while earning my Reward. Meijer has been great at helping me save on produce, and that is mainly what I buy there when I shop.

View your savings to date and your digital receipts. It is easy to enable the digital receipt option. Then if you need to go back and look at something from a previous purchase you can. Or if you just want to see how much you have saved so far this year, and pat yourself on the back, you can.  61% is not my best, but with mainly meat and produce purchase, I will take it.

If you didn't know, it is important to point out that most Mperks Coupons are manufacturer coupons, there are a few that are always available that will be only store Mperks coupons. Simply click on the coupon to bring it up and it will tell you if it is a Store or a Manufacturer coupon. If it is a Store coupon and can be used with a manufacturer coupon then maximize those savings, but if it is a manufacturer coupon it will not be able to be stacked with another coupon for that product.


Manufacturer Coupon

Store Coupon

I will tell you, I do not recommend the Auto-Clip feature for your Mperks coupons, because you may not be getting the Mperks that others may get. There is a maximum amount of Mperks that can be clipped, so if the Auto-Clip feature is on, then you may not be able to clip the ones that you see others use to save in social media groups. But on a desktop it is easy to turn that feature on or off.

Get signed up if you are not a Mperks member. Meijer is a great place to shop and carries everything from clothing, shoes, toys, housewares, food and garden. It is a one stop shop place!

If you have questions about Mperks program or want to sign up - GO HERE

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