Wednesday, May 25, 2016

ALDI best buys of the week!

ALDI Deals starting today! 

Aldi is one of my go to places for items that we typically dont get coupons for. Like Meat and Produce. So I check weekly to see what deals I can save on for my family and compare to other great stores. This week we have to great deals on both meat and produce that I hope to get stocked on, especially with Summer Break here and a teenage boy that seems to eat and eat!

This weeks Produce Picks are great -

Cantaloupe - $.99 each

Mangoes - $.39 each

Seedless Watermelon -  $2.99 each

Simply Nature Organic Baby Spinach 5oz pkg - $1.49

Simply Nature Organic Mixed Greens 5oz pkg - $1.49

Strawberries 1lb pkg - $1.49

Sweet Corn 4pk pkg - $1.49

Vidalia Onions 2lb pkg - $.89

Plus don't forget to grab some meat - 

Boneless Beef  Ribeye Steaks twin pack - $6.99lb

Chicken Breasts Family Pack - $1.49lb

Ground Beef 80%  is $2.29lb thru Sunday!

Pack the Pantry -

Benton's Ice Cream Cake Cups or Sugar Cones 15.5oz - $.99

Burman's Yellow Mustard 20oz - $.59

L'Oven Fresh Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns - $.69

Your Fridge will Love You -

Little Salad Bar Salsa 16oz - $1.49

Nature's Nectar Lemonade or Raspberry Lemonade 59oz - $1.49

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