Friday, January 15, 2016

Get Amazon Prime for just $73 starting tonight!

If you are not an Amazon Prime Member - Starting tonight you can save $26 on your membership when you sign up!

Starting at 9pm on January 15th through January 17th at 11:59pm new Prime members can sign up and save $26 on your membership!

Making it just $73 for the year!

I am a current member and do love the Free Shipping. However, I do live within 50 miles to the distribution center and have had the courier service same day show up at my house. This is a blessing, especially when your child cracks their phone screen and you need to order a replacement and fix it the same day! Believe me, we have done that at least 8 times for one of the boys. So frustrating, but Amazon saved the day!

But not just Free Shipping. The movies are great too! I get to stream movies on my laptop or numerous devices throughout the house and not have to run to a Red Box Machine or a Video Rental Store and forget to turn the movies back in.

A Kindle Lending Library. Perfect for Hubbys new Kindle Fire Tablet he got at Christmas. He can read the books he wants and not have to have a stack of books taking up space in the house.

Photo Storage and Music! There are so many benefits to being a Prime Member. I will tell you it is definitely worth the cost!

*I did read an article this morning explaining how current prime members can still get the $73 price for their renewal. You will need to read the instructions carefully and I am not quite sure how perfect it will work, but thought I would share in case you want to know - You can read it here!

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