Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Rare DeWaflebakker Pancake Coupon!

Lil Man starts back to school in less than two weeks and it is that time of year to stock the house up on quick Breakfast items!

I was so excited to see a coupon this morning on Smartsource.com for DeWaflebakker pancakes!

We love these pancakes. Not only does it take just a minute or two to heat up in the microwave, they taste just like homemade hot off the griddle pancakes. No rubbery microwave taste! Blueberry flavored are my favorite, but the boys love Maple or Regular flavored. I try to stock up when a good sale comes around. To be honest, I am down to my last bag in the freezer. Hopefully a great sale will hit soon. But if not, at least I have a coupon now!

So print your coupon for - $.50 off one DeWaflebakker product

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