Monday, June 8, 2015

How I stayed calm through the storm.

I know most of you know that about a week ago a small EF-1 tornado went through my backyard and destroyed my neighbors homes. Honestly I would usually be so stressed out that it would be hard for me to cope. I am typically a stress mess of a mom. But about a month ago I received a bottle of HCF to try and review. I think that has truly helped keep me on task and kept me from losing my mind while I deal with insurance and rebuilding my backyard.

HCF (happy-calm-focused) is a Brain Supplement, well dietary supplement that helps the brain. It helps feed the brain with neurotransmitters that your brain truly is supposed to have.

It helps keep you focused, calm and concentrate. I honestly have felt all of those things, especially in the wake of all of the stress. I did have stress, who wouldn't, but I never once was to a point that I was so upset I couldn't take a minute to breathe, think and rethink for a minute how to handle the situation before me. Make my to-do lists and move forward. I think this is one supplement I will continue to use and even order some for Big Boy as he enters into the freshman college courses and starts to get stressed out. Hopefully this will keep him focused and calm in his daily tasks as well.

How do you get HCF? Easy, go to and order your 90ct bottle for $39.95  and get free shipping.

This is approximately a one month supply. You take 3 capsules in the morning before breakfast with a glass of water. This lasts all day. Believe me I noticed a difference within a week, and it really helped me. I hope that it can help one of you too.

These are my honest opinions. Indycouponmama is in no way associated with HCF or the manufacturers.

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