Sunday, December 28, 2014

Ready to Start Saving for Next Year? I am starting the 52 Week Money Challenge!

Have you thought of saving away for an emergency or maybe starting a fund for next Christmas. I know the older the boys get, the more expensive the presents get.

I have tried the 52 Week Challenge in past years, and honestly I end up forgetting to keep up with it. But this year will be different!

I have already marked every week in my 2015 Calender to remember to put away the amount of money needed in the Savings Account I have for Emergencies. Now you can use a Piggy Bank, if you like. For me, well that's simply temptation or I would constantly be counting it to make sure no younger hands got into it for candy money.

So the Savings Account it is. I will just deposit the weekly amount into it, and hope that I can stay on top of it for 2015, so I can buy those expensive gadgets and what not for my kids next year, without breaking the bank. Who knows what new gaming system will come out, or new iphone, etc.

So for every week I plan on depositing $1 for the week of the year. Week one = $1, Week two = $2 and so on until Week 52 = $52.  Which should give me a total of $1378 by the end of the year.

Of course if I plan on using this money for next Christmas, I will most likely pull it out at Week 49. Which would be $1,225 for spending money. Not too bad. The quest is before me, its up to me to keep up with it.

Starting Sunday 1/4/15 I will deposit my $1.00!

So who is in with me?

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