Thursday, September 25, 2014

XBox 360 gaming system with game just $99 when you buy pre-owned!

Looking for a cheaper way to get the Gaming Consoles for the Kids, you might want to consider purchasing pre-owned.  We bought our last Xbox 360 from GameStop pre-owned and when you get a one year warranty with it, you are completely covered. We have had no problems with ours, and in fact, I plan on purchasing pre-owned again for the upcoming Holidays and boys wish lists.

Right now GameStop is offering two different Xbox 360 consoles with games for just $99! This is a great deal and a savings of $64.97!

Get the Xbox 360 bundle with the Lego Lord of the Rings Game for just $99


Grab the Xbox 360 bundle with the Tomb Raider game for just $99

This includes the 360 system, a 60gb hard drive and game! Which is an awesome deal! The hard drives can be expensive by themselves.

If you are considering purchasing a gaming system for a younger child or maybe you have kids like mine that can be a little hard on things, go refurbished.

Xbox 360 Value Bundles - Console and game for only $99 at

If you are looking for games to go with it - Check out the Used Game Bundle GameStop is offering!  Get 3 games for just $24.99 right now. 

Xbox 360 Used Game Bundle - Alan Wake, Fear 3 and Resident Evil 5 for only $24.99!

GameStop, Inc.

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