Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Two new Lindsay Olive coupons!

Direct Link - $1.00 off one Lindsay Olives product - Printable Coupon

*There is also another coupon for Lindsay Olives available under zip code 46901 in the "foods" category to print.

$1.00 off two Lindsay Olive products - Printable Coupon

You will need to change the zip code in the upper left hand corner to 46901 to get this coupon.

*These are manufacturer coupons and can be used at retailers that accept printable coupons. The stores on the coupons are suggestions to use the coupons at.

P.S. - I had to refresh the page to get a second print on these, so definitely give it a try if you have problems!

Now Lindsay Olives frequently go on sale at Walgreens and CVS for around $1. These coupons are perfect to score free to cheap Olives. Great for BBQ's, platters and pasta salad additions. Or a healthy snack like I love!

Grab your coupons before they disappear!

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