Monday, May 19, 2014

Plant your own Salad Blends and Save!

Photo: No garden or space for a garden, but still want some fresh lettuce? Plant lettuce in a pot!! 
Keep it in a window sill or on your porch and pick fresh lettuce all summer long. I grow a lot of my salad blend lettuce varieties in pots.
 These are a couple pots we planted seeds in just three weeks ago and i can already start picking! Yumm!

No garden or space for a garden?  Whether you live in an apartment or just dont have the room to plant a full size garden like my family does, you can always plant lettuce and salad blend plants in pots and keep them in the windowsill or on a porch. 

My family planted Salad Blend lettuce seeds in pots three weeks ago, and look we already have leaves to pick and make a fresh salad with or to use on hamburgers and sandwiches. The best part is knowing we used no pesticides, and we know exactly how it was grown. 

I recommend placing them where they are not in direct sun all day though. Maybe in a section that gets part shade during the hottest part of the day, so the lettuce leaves do not scorch. Then when leaves are large enough simply clip at the base of the leaf, wash off and let dry in a strainer or salad spinner and eat! 

Simply Salads for the Summer at a great cost!!! 

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