Sunday, May 11, 2014

New Scotties Facial Tissue Coupon - great for Dollar Store deals!

Get your coupons and stock up on Scotties facial tissues!

We have a great new coupon for  - $1.00 off five boxes of Scotties Facial Tissues    available this morning at 

Great news, you can find Scotties facial tissues for $1 everyday at Dollar General in their Dollar Aisle or at Dollar Tree!  Use the new $1.00 off five Scotties facial tissue coupon and pay $4.00 for five boxes. Makes them just $.80 per box!

My house is already battling the great Spring/Summer Flu and allergies are kicking in with the Cottonwood pollen falling like snow. So we are going through tissues, and my stockpile is dwindling! This coupon came just in time for me to stock up before the next round of Summer Colds or Allergy Bouts.

Get your Coupon Here - $1.00 off five boxes of Scotties Facial Tissues 

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