Thursday, March 20, 2014

What a great week to start couponing! Tips from the Indy Coupon Mama

If you have been contemplating Couponing - This is a great week to start!

There are great sales this week kicking off at Kroger, Marsh and Meijer that will help you save your family more at the store!

This week we have great HIGH VALUE coupons available to us in the inserts to matchup with the great sales and start your couponing venture.

If you live in the Indy area you should receive your Red Plum coupon insert in the mail. Some places have the Red Plum in their newspaper with the SmartSource insert. Which comes in the Sunday Edition of the Indy Star.

I have a couple of Couponing Rules to remember -

First off, let me say Couponing is not like the TV show! Stores in the Indy area no longer double coupons and limit coupons usually to a certain amount of "like" coupons per transaction. 

 My rule has always been "No Coupon - No Buy"! If an item is on sale and I have a coupon to pair up with it that saves my family more, then that is what I am purchasing and planning meals from. If there are items that will be Free to Cheap, then I will stock up if my budget allows. This is how Stockpiles are formed! 

I know that you are probably wondering about produce and meat. Yes there are coupons for these items. They are harder to come by. I always recommend signing up for the Store Loyalty programs. Kroger sends coupons for produce and meat frequently in mailer coupons based on the products I buy most. Make sure your signed up through your Kroger Plus Card online to receive these frequent coupons in the mail. Meijer has Mperks coupons for produce and meat products frequently to add to your Mperks account. Use the coupons to save more at the Store! 
But even if there are no coupons available then I recommend purchasing the produce and meat that is on sale and basing your meals around those items.  (Ex: If Chicken Breasts are on sale for $1.69lb that is a great stock up price. I tell my kids we are eating Chicken this week! Or stocking up the freezer if my budget allows a few extra packages)

Second - Never throw away Coupons! Even if there are coupons in the inserts you will not use this week, there will be a upcoming sale that you may need them for. Catalina coupons that print out at checkout from stores may be for an item you don't need now, but you later find that the item is on sale and the coupon will save you more! (EX: I had multiple coupons for $2 off Oral B Glide Floss print out at Kroger last week, they will be on sale for $1.49 - $1.99 this week! Free Floss)  Printable coupons are the same, the items may have upcoming deals and it is for an item your family will use, print it and save it is my motto! Especially before they disappear and are no longer available to print.
Get a binder, accordion file system, file box, etc. to use to keep your coupons in and then when sales do come up it will be easy to pair them with the deals. 

Third - Make sure you are reading your coupons and limits on the coupons! Certain coupons (i.e. the P&G insert coupons) limit 4 "like" coupons per transaction. This week we have great $2.00-$2.50 off Dove product coupons in the Red Plum insert that limit 2 "like" coupons per transaction.  Follow the rules!

Don't copy coupons - that constitutes fraud. You can always purchase multiple papers or use clipping sites like ,,  or Coupons by Dede   to order more coupons if need be.

 Know your coupon policies per store too (Coupon Policies per store can be found on the Coupon Policy page ) Keep copies of store policies handy in your binder or saved on your phone for reference.

Fourth - Remember you will most likely not walk out of the store with hundreds of dollars of products for pennies. Realistically if you can save 50% or more at the store, then that is great! My goal is always 50%. I try not to get my hopes up for more on big purchases. If I don't hit 50%, I don't beat myself up for it either. Why? I look in my cart and see what all I have purchased. It may be that some percentage of my savings went towards Meat that week. But that usually means I am stocked up for the week on meat or produce, what have you. I still saved for my family which is the Ultimate Goal!

My husband puts it this way - We are getting $200 worth of Groceries for $80. That is realistic.

 Try to stay on your budget. Write down how much you are spending after coupons as you go through the store. This will help you stay on budget as well.   

**I post the store matchups with coupons available to use with the items on sale that week.  You can check the tabs at the top of the page or on posts.

Always check your coupons, as I do not list tearpad coupons, printables no longer available, etc! 
Plan your trips and get your coupons ready to save your family more! If you don't have access to the coupons available or a printer, I do list the Digital Coupons that can be added to your Loyalty Rewards cards or Mperks. But check your accounts as well, there are usually coupons available to each person that can be downloaded and not available to others.

I am always available to answer questions as well! Head over to the IndyCouponMama Facebook Page and find me there for questions! 

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