Tuesday, March 25, 2014

RARE DeWaflebakkers Pancakes coupon - My boys will be so happy!

I can tell you this - zip code 33313 has always been one of my favorites for coupons!

But today we have some HOT coupons in that zip code!

$1.00 off one DeWaflebakkers bag or box of frozen pancakes - Printable Coupon

These are my kids absolute favorite! I cannot tell you how RARE this coupon is and how excited I am to see it!  I usually only get coupons in my Kroger mailer for these for buying so many of them. Because I buy at least a bag a week for my boys! Priced approximately $3.00 non sale weeks, and these do go on Mega Sales frequently for around $2.50!  They are the best! I plan on stocking up with this coupon as soon as I see a sale!

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