Saturday, March 15, 2014

Have you seen the new AIO Wireless?

Are you a Pay As You Go Wireless Phone User?

Have you checked out AIO Wireless yet?

I had a chance to stop by the AIO Wireless booth at the Indiana State Fair Grounds this weekend, and I was rathered impressed with the plans they offer.

If I had not just signed my life away to another 2yr contract with my current carrier and purchased 4 new phones, I may have just signed up! However, I did take the information because I know that quite a few of my "kids" that I care for will be going away to college soon.

Currently I have friend using a Pay As You Go plan, and every week we watch them pay $10-$20 to keep their phone activated, but limiting them to usage.

With Aio Wireless they offer multiple plans depending on what usage you need!

Great pricing and you can even get a discount when you select Auto-Pay. Rates include unlimited data, unlimited messaging and talk. Even packages for tablet usage! All for a great price!

With 19 stores in the Indy area, it is easy to go sign up or check them out! No contracts, no signing your life away for 2 years or more!

Head over to the AIO Wireless website for more details!

Photo: Guess who won a tablet? Just listened yo a few people give there sales and whala my  little card they gave me was a winner.  :) 
if you are in Indy and on a pay as you go plan check out Aio Wireless. 
They have a booth at the Indiana Flea Market at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

I am happy with the Tablet Usage! I won a tablet yesterday at the booth and three free months of usage came with it. 

I played on it all night of course! I was skeptical at first of the $15 a month charge for usage after my free three months. However, I checked out my wireless carrier who charges much more for Tablet Usage. I will be sticking with Aio for my tablet usage, especially with a store conveniently located near my shopping endeavors near by!

I can upload my shopping lists, store apps and make my shopping trips more convenient! Now if I could just fit my binder in it!

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